Advertising On Pinterest: A Simple Guide With Examples To Get You Started

Advertising On Pinterest: A Simple Guide With Examples To Get You Started

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What Is Pinterest Advertising?

Pinterest Advertising is a fast-pass ticket to increasing your social media reach by targeting more than 450 million active pinterest users every month.

By running promoted pins, marketers can drive traffic, increase conversions, and boost brand awareness effectively.

For startups, Pinterest Advertising is a great way to boost your business.

Pinterest Advertising Key Takeaways

  • To give your pins a competitive edge, use high-resolution images and focus on creating a captivating message.
  • Always stay within Pinterest's recommended ad specifications so you do not end up with truncated or a distorted pin.
  • Add an element of interactivity and personalization to make sure your Pinterest ads are successful.
  • Adding your business name or logo to your Pinterest ads is a great way to double on brand awareness and consideration.

Understanding Pinterest Advertising

The promoted pins run on an auction system. Therefore, the Pinterest advertiser places bids on having their pins shown to the target audience. That means that only advertisers who bid the most could win the placement.

Pinterest Ads will be shown to users who are browsing categories that your promoted pin belongs to, or to the feeds of users that Pinterest believes would be interested in your product. Alternatively, the promoted pins could appear in search results on Pinterest.

The Pinterest Ad campaigns require a fine-tuned targeting or a more creative angle to see good results. Just like promoted pins, organic content on Pinterest can generate a lot of sales potential.

The best approach to successful Pinterest advertising is scheduling pins into a queue such that they are pinned at least 5 times per day.

To schedule and queue pins use tools like Buffer or Tailwind

Real World Examples: Pinterest Advertising


IKEA USA is one of the best examples of a global company that uses Pinterest to its advantage. The brand has reached over 500,000 followers on the IKEA USA page and has over 10 million monthly viewers.

IKEA has thousands of Pins featuring the company’s products.


IKEA followers can save the pins, and even share them with friends, which gives the company a marketing advantage over the competitors.

2. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is a popular travel guide company is our second example of companies that have used Pinterest to their advantage.


With slightly above 790,000 followers on Pinterest, the travel company gets up to 9.3 million monthly views.

The company’s travel board is a super simple but effective tool boosting brand exposure on Pinterest.


How to Get Started

To run Pinterest advertising follow these steps

  • Create a new Pinterest account for your business
  • Install a Pinterest Tag so you can track actions visitors take after seeing your Pinterest Ads
  • Choose Pinterest Campaign goal
  • Set a Campaign budget
  • Create an Ad Group
  • Choose the target audience
  • Select the advert placement
  • Add interests and relevant keywords
  • Set the advert budget and schedule
  • Tailor the Pinterest ad for optimization and delivery
  • Determine the perfect pacing
  • Pick the promoted pins
  • Monitor the campaign's performance

For startups, running Pinterest Ads can be an overwhelming task. This is especially when you have dozens of responsibilities to attend to daily.

To simplify the experience, one option would be to hire experienced Pinterest marketers via platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru.


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