Partner With Photographers To Promote Your Brand: A Guide

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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What Is The Role Of Photographers In Brand Marketing?

Photographers can be great for influencer marketing, as they capture high-quality visual content and regularly share their work on social platforms.

Many successful businesses partner with well-known photographers to promote their products - sometimes, they are even ambassadors of a specific brand.

Choosing a well-known and followed photographer to promote your products and capture amazing imagery at the same time creates a win-win situation.

In this post, we enlighten you on how you can collaborate with a photographer to market your brand. Keep reading to find out more.

Photographers Engaging As Brand Ambassadors Key Takeaways

  • Images from well-known photographers stick with viewers for long
  • Photographers help brands build a diverse and strong social media following
  • Well-known influencers help brands create trustworthy content

Understanding How Brand Collaborations With Photographers Work

Partnering with photographers to promote your brand takes the same approach as influencer marketing.

Essentially, you first identify leading photographers, who have a huge following on social media and can drive your brand message through their photography.

To ensure an effective approach, you need to examine the photographer's social media following to ascertain the photographer has a relevant social media following.

Upon agreeing with the photographer, you may provide a pitch to the photographer so that the content created by the photographer reflects your branding/marketing agenda.

Eventually, the photographer shares the content across his social media platforms, reaching the relevant audience.

(source)Consumers seek recommendations from influencers

Established photographers can be a great choice when it comes to influencer marketing.

Therefore, you may partner with a photographer to help in generating product sales or to build brand awareness.

The apparent advantage of partnering with photographers is they will get high visibility for your brand.

Real World Examples: Partner With Photographers To Promote Your Brand

Here are a couple of examples of how businesses partner with photographers to promote the brand.

1. Leica Camera AG Partners With Alan Schaller As Brand Ambassador

Leica Camera is an internationally operating, premium-segment manufacturer of cameras and sport optics products.

The cameras manufacturer brought on board Allan Schaller, a London-based photographer who specializes in black and white photography to be their brand ambassador.


Allan speaks about Leica to his audience on Instagram and other social media platforms.


That way, Leica is able to reach aspiring photographers and existing photographers who want to excel in their careers just like Allan.

2. UBS Global Partners With Brooklyn Beckham To Promote The Climate Action Goals

Brooklyn Beckham is a photographer and Climate activist. UBS global approached him to make a series of photographs and short films that focus on the most important youth climate activists around the world today.


Brooklyn shares his photographs and short films on his social media. That way, he is promoting UBS's global agenda on climate, and attracting his followers to unite and push the agenda.

A Guide To Choosing The Right Photographers For Your Brand

  • Choose a photographer who has a mass following
  • Pick a photographer whose values, interests, and followers are relevant to your brand agenda
  • Familiarize yourself with the photographer’s content to determine whether it suits your agenda
  • Choose a photographer whom your target audience aspires to
  • Find out whether the photographer can help you reach the target audience
  • Assess the impact of your efforts in terms of traffic, engagement, and conversion rates
  • Look out for red flags and avoid risks where possible

Choosing the right photographer to promote your brand can be an overwhelming experience. However, if you follow the tips shared here, you will achieve your agenda.

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