How To Create A Compelling Sell Sheet That Gets Results

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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You can design a compelling sell-sheet using free sell-sheet templates available online

What Is A Sell Sheet?

A sell-sheet is a one-page document that details how your product or service solves customer problems.

The sell-sheet should be visually compelling and formatted neatly to capture the prospect's attention. You may distribute the sell sheets to prospects through email, share during a physical meeting, or send via traditional mail.

When done right, a sell-sheet is a compelling piece of communication that does the selling for you

Sell Sheet Key Takeaways

  • A sell-sheet can make the prospects interested in your product or services.
  • To capture the prospect's interest, the sell sheet should present the essence of your brand's identity and the product's purpose.
  • Sell sheets reach a wider audience within a short time than a salesperson will do.
  • The information detailed in the sell sheet is what tells the prospective customers whether your products will meet their needs or not.
  • A professionally written sell sheet would mean fewer calls, fewer lost sales, and fewer unhappy customers.

Understanding How Sell Sheets Work

Sell sheets present a perfect opportunity to ace that first impression with the potential customer.

According to Adweek, over 80% of buyers conduct online product research before making the purchase decision.

For this reason, publishing a sell sheet on your website or social media platforms can help in increasing your product sales.

The sell sheet advertises your product and provides touch in connecting with the potential customer. Therefore, the sell sheet should include these and other relevant datasets:

  • What products or services do you offer?
  • How will the products and services benefit the customer?
  • What price will the customer pay to enjoy the product or service?
  • How will the customer contact you?

A sell-sheet may sound like a small piece of marketing material, but it is a feasible, handy, and robust marketing tool for your business.

Real-World Examples Of Businesses Using Sell-Sheets

1. Dole Food Company

Dole, An American fresh produce company, creates attention-grabbing sell sheets. The sell sheets feature colorful and attractive images of the products they are promoting.


They display the company’s on every sell sheet, while they include a catchy headline with a compelling call to action. For Dole, the sell sheet is an effective way of communicating brand offerings, to ensure value to the customer.

2. Opticca Security

Opticca Security, a Canadian computer security company, uses a one-page sell sheet to communicate to send the word about their products. Through the sell sheet, they demonstrate product capabilities and communicate the company’s professionalism when deploying solutions to their customers.

Opticca security adds a logo and product name to every sell sheet and includes full-color visuals to attract the attention of target customers. Besides, they include product specifications and include benefits of purchasing the product. Lastly, Opticca security adds a clear-cut Call To Action, delivering an outrageously compelling sell sheet.


How To Create A Sell Sheet

  • Write a relevant product description
  • Make your content powerful by addressing the buyer directly
  • Set a tone that reflects the image you want to sell
  • Choose informative product photos
  • You may include a demo video
  • Share the sell sheet via social media platforms and include printouts where need be.

You can create a compelling sell sheet without any design experience. Search free and editable sales sheet templates, which are available online.

A good example of platforms that offer editable templates is Xtensio.

Alternatively, you can use design APPs to come up with effective sell sheets

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