Create An Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing Campaign: A Guide

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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Guerrilla marketing uses low-cost, unconventional methods to draw attention to a brand, idea, product or service

What Is Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing?

Outdoor guerrilla marketing adds something physical to urban environments, and the goal is to surprise your audience and potentially catch them off-guard.

Outdoor guerilla marketing will attract attention to your brand and get people curious.

A great advantage of outdoor guerilla marketing is that it is a low-cost advertising method. The advertiser just needs to ensure creativity and intellectual creativity when implementing the advertisement.

Guerrilla Outdoor Marketing Key takeaways

  • Guerrilla Marketers spend 90% less on advertising.
  • Guerrilla marketing provides an intriguing way to surge brand exposure and generate impactful buzz.
  • Modern brands use guerrilla marketing to supplement traditional marketing and the modern digital marketing efforts

How Guerilla Marketing Works

Guerilla marketing takes the consumer by surprise and makes a big impression about the product or brand.

In turn, the marketing campaign creates a buzz about the marketed product, and increases brand engagement.

Therefore, Guerilla marketing creates a memorable experience, and if done right, can result in long-term benefits.

What Are The Benefits of Outdoor Guerilla Marketing?

Low-Cost Marketing

Guerilla marketing often relies on what is already existing in the outdoor spaces.

Therefore, the advertiser does not incur excessive costs of installing hardware or any outdoor elements.

In that regard, the marketing approach ensures a cost-effective way of building brand awareness.

Opportunity Of Global Outreach

Guerilla marketing efforts are easily shareable and likely to spread out by way of being shared via social media.

Therefore, advertisers should put in a lot of creativity, in order to move the target consumers and encourage them to share their personal experiences with their friends and social media networks.

Unforgettable Experiences

Guerilla ads are unconventional in nature.

Therefore, if done right, guerilla marketing leaves a long-lasting impression among individuals.

Audiences enjoy the freshness and delightful surprises when they come across guerilla campaigns from the brands they are familiar with.

Real-World Examples Of Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

Here are cool examples of outdoor guerilla advertising campaigns

1. How McDonald's Used Guerilla Marketing Tactics To Attract Customers

McDonald's is a brand known for its creative marketing campaigns.

The brand recently created chips crossing advert, becoming a memorable street art campaign.


Just imagine walking around with your family and at around lunch hour, you arrive at the chips crossing sign by McDonald's.

When your kids spot it, they will immediately want to enjoy a happy meal at the next McDonalds!

2. How Sarova Hotel Used Guerilla Marketing Campaigns To Raise Awareness and Promote Brands Identity

Sarova hotels have integrated social and environmental concerns into their business operations.

The brand wanted to communicate the importance of trees when it comes to hosting wildlife. Therefore, they designed a giant cat and put it to rest on the road lights.


The leopard on a lamppost became an effective marketing technique and helped the brand raise awareness.

How to Create Effective Guerilla Campaigns

Here are important tips to guide you when creating outdoor guerilla marketing campaigns.

1. Consider the Target Audience

One of the important steps when creating an advertising campaign is making sure you know what your target audience expects, and understanding their needs.

In addition, know where to find the target customers and choose the right outdoor space.

2. Choose A Strategic Location

Location is an important aspect when it comes to ambient advertising. Choose a location that ensures maximum advert exposure.

For instance, if you are targeting college students, the best location to advertise can be outside the college gate or at the common bus station, where the maximum population is likely to see the advertisement.

3. Find An Original concept For your Campaign

Guerilla advertising is all about creating an element of surprise.

Therefore, copying what others have done in the past will not help you when it comes to guerrilla advertising.

Therefore, always aim at creating an original advertisement.

4. Stay Relevant With Your Content

Relevance is the key when it comes to ensuring effective advertising.

A relevant execution could bring your brand to the spotlight.

Leverage the current trends and use them to create fantastic content that matches the expectations of your customers.

5. Make the Advertisement Interactive

Interactive advertisements make the users feel involved in the process.

Therefore, you need to allow the target audience to take part in the campaign.

That way, you make them feel part of the campaign and increase the chances of your campaign going viral.


Before taking the guerilla marketing campaign off the ground, make sure you have done proper homework.

Study the target audience and identify the best tactics for taking your brand to the next level.

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