How To Add Memes To Your Social Media Strategy [2022]

How To Add Memes To Your Social Media Strategy [2022]

Can Meme Marketing Be Effective?

Memes are becoming hugely popular and can be very effective for your content marketing strategy.

One of the biggest advantages of meme-based marketing is how shareable this type of content is. If you can create a meme that promotes your product/service in a funny, engaging way, you're likely to see some pretty amazing results.

Brands are grabbing this opportunity to reach more audiences and increase their sales.

In this post, we cover what you need to know about the use of memes in your digital marketing strategy. Keep reading to find out more.



Memes Key Takeaways

  • Choose memes that are still relevant and timely
  • Avoid inappropriate memes to stay away from negative controversy
  • Use memes to advertise new products and create brand engagement

What are memes, and why do they work?

Memes are a worldwide social phenomenon that resonates with people and attracts quick sharing on social media.

The use of memes in marketing is a great approach to create a buzz around your brand and grab more eyeballs. Like all forms of communication, memes evolve with those who use them.

Just like emojis and online comics, memes impart significantly more information and convey complex ideas of mood or emotion. Therefore, when used by brands in marketing, memes spread quickly, accelerating the speed of improving brand engagement.

Memes As A Social Media Strategy

In that sense, memes can be the brand's best social media marketing strategy.

To ensure effective marketing through memes, lookout to ensure that the memes are:

  • Relatable: They showcase a certain feeling that everyone can relate to.
  • Clever: Memes should be witty and give you the feeling of "I never thought of it like that before, but I probably should have."
  • Entertaining: This content should be fun, lighthearted, and intelligent.

Real World Examples of Brands That Use Memes In Marketing

Here are real examples of how brands use memes in marketing.

1. How Barkbox Uses Memes In Its Social Media Strategy

BarkBox, the dog subscription box company does an amazing job at posting hilarious and relatable memes to their social media accounts.

Oftentimes, they'll capitalize on a certain trend and add post photos of dogs with captions that speak from the dogs perspective:


Not only does this help increase overall engagement (shares, comments, and likes) but it also gives users a memorable laugh and smile - which may lead them to purchase a product or at the least, visit their website.

2. Totinos Uses Memes to Achieve Social Media Engagement

Totinos is another example of brands using memes to build brand awareness and generate brand engagement on social media.

During the inauguration of the US president, Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders was photographed sitting socially distant from the rest. The picture went viral and iterated into memes. Torinos was one of the brands that used the image to create an engaging meme.


The meme was shared on social media and attracted reactions from social media users. This type of engagement is what makes a brand popular, and helps in generating more sales.

The Best Software For Making Memes

You can create memes using different software.

  1. Filmora meme maker: A free meme generator supporting importing images, GIFs, and videos.
  2. Wondershare PixStudio: Provides massive templates that you can use to create memes easily.
  3. Quickmeme: Simple to use meme maker suitable for beginners.
  4. Canva: A Easy-to-use online meme maker that you can use to add funny captions to images
  5. Imgur: An image hosting platform with a meme creation tool.


A free meme generator supporting importing images, GIF and Video

Businesses using Filmora:

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Wondershare PixStudio

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Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. You can use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more.

Businesses using Canva:

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