How To Use Meetup Groups To Promote Your Startup

Updated: May 19th, 2024


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Why Should I Attend A Meetup Group?

Marketing via meetup groups is a strategy to helppublicize a brand during an ongoing in-person or virtual meeting.

Meetup groups offer many benefits for marketing your business, such as finding clients, hosting meetup groups that attract your customers, and learning from like-minded entrepreneurs.

Therefore, if you run a local or global business, meet up groups can be a great strategy for publicizing your offer.

Meetup Group Key Takeaways

  • Meet up groups present a great opportunity for businesses to meet others with similar interests
  • Consider speaking at a meetup group that have members interested in your products
  • When given the chance to speak at the meetup group, give a content-rich presentation

Understanding How Meetup Groups Work

Meetup groups increase engagement, collaboration, and provide a great platform for promoting your business.

Marketers can take advantage of meetup groups to share product information, and gather feedback about the company's products or services.

Effective meetup groups allow for open conversations that focus on enriching the participants through information sharing while providing a marketing platform.

Therefore, a marketing manager can take advantage of events organized through meetup groups to share important information and create interest in his or her products.

When presenting to members of a meetup group, a good marketer should focus on creating an environment in which every participant wants to listen to the presentation.

Real-World Examples of how Meetup Groups Work

1. DemandMaven

Founded by Asia Orangio, DemandMaven is a startup that helps SaaS founders from all over the world identify their greatest growth blockers.


Asia Orangio presents us with a great example of how to use meetup groups as a marketing opportunity.

During her recent presentation through the marketing meetup, Asia talks to her audience on how to acquire the first 100 paying customers.


During the meetup event, Asia presents insightful messages to her audience. The presentation highlights her as a subject matter expert, and companies would most likely hire her services.

2.Max Leone

[Max Leone] A professional coach, speaker, author, and trainer, utilizes meetup groups to reach his target customers.

At the meetup event, he discusses how to create a plan to achieve what you want.


During the event, he presents a free copy of goal setting workbook.

The event targets to generate interest of his audience, who will ultimately want to purchase more books or even hire Max as a professional coach.

How to Market Through Meetup Groups

  • Define your marketing goals
  • Understand the kind of personas you want to target
  • Create or join meetups that match your target personas
  • Get a feel for the individual group and focus on understanding the member's interest
  • Offer costless but helpful information
  • Build an email list and encourage potential members to join the emailing list
  • Promote the meetup group events on social media

Are you wondering how to start marketing through meetup groups? Meetup and The Marketing Meetup provide great platforms for creating meetup groups.

Meetup groups

Meetup groups offer some benefits for marketing your business, such as:

  • Finding clients at Meetup groups
  • Hosting meetup groups that attract your customers
  • Learning from likeminded entrepreneurs
Case Study

Find a group you can count on.

Bounce ideas off of, ask questions, etc.

For me this was my family, friends, and girlfriend, but your’s could be a local meetup group or even a FB group.


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