Republish Content On Medium: A Guide

Republish Content On Medium: A Guide

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What Is Medium?

Medium is an open platform where users can read and share new perspectives on any topic.

The platform has 170 million readers and is open to anyone and everyone to check out.

As a contributor, you can share your stories with the world - regardless of background, affiliation, or expertise.

Key Takeaways

  • Medium is a platform where anyone can contribute and read content
  • There are 170M readers on the platform and growing
  • Content is discoverable by search engines like Google, and by Medium's own search feature.
  • Readers can subscribe to read unlimited content for $5/mo or $50/yr

Understanding Medium

When you post content on Medium, your story is displayed on your public profile page and is available for anyone to read.

It is also displayed on the homepage of people that follow you and may also appear in the "from people you follow" section.

Simply put, by republishing content to Medium, you can give existing content the boost it needs.

This means that you can republish your existing content to Medium and any backlinks that the medium post gets transfers over.

The best part: there's no need to worry about content duplication.

There is also something called the Medium Partner Program - where you can set your story as eligible to earn money based on engagement from Medium members.

Real World Examples: Republish Content On Medium

1. How Benji Hyam went viral and got 10K views in 4 days

Benji Hyam, co-founder of Grow And Convert discusses how he went viral and got 10k views on medium in 4 days.

He was apprehensive at first, but decided to post on Medium rather than posting to his own blog. It got 10k views in 4 days, 12k views over 3 weeks, and it helped him get picked up by the Huffington Post.

I still think building your own blog, on your own site is the best long term solution (more on why below) but Medium can definitely give you a massive initial pageview boost. Imagine if you were starting a new blog… getting those kinds of stats is CRAZY for the first post!


He explains the characteristics behind the stories that do really well on the platform:

"When you dissect the stories that are successful on Medium – most of them have similar qualities:

  • Story: The writer tells a story, or shares how they accomplished something that would be useful to others, and it’s usually from personal experience
  • Vulnerability: The writer is vulnerable and completely transparent
  • Emotion: The story invokes some kind of emotion from the reader. That emotion might be positive, inspiring, uplifting, or create sadness. You might feel for the writer and can relate to their story, or the post invokes anger and you want to share it.
  • Controversy: The writer takes a different stance on something that’s trending in the news"

Benji explains the full story behind writing, drafting, and publishing here

2. Cammi Pham (56K followers on Medium) gives her insight on how to go viral

Trending on Medium is just like trending on any platform. You need quality and quantity.

She also states the equation for success when it comes to publishing content:

  • 20% content creation
  • 10% optimization
  • 70% promotion


You will need to time all your promotions when your community is most active. Once you make the list, you will gain a lot more organic traffic which will help you climb up the chart.

How To Start Publishing Content To Medium

  1. Create an account
  2. On your homepage, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner
  3. Click new story
  4. Add title, subtitle and apply basic formatting
  5. Add images using the + button
  6. Publish your story!



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