How To Leverage In-Store Signage To Boost Sales

How To Leverage In-Store Signage To Boost Sales

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Sign design and installation cost about $438 for the US in 2020.

What Is In-store signage?

In-store signage refers to using visual graphics within the store to displays information to your customers.

According to statistics, 68% of customers believe that in-store signage reflects the quality of a business and the products.

Therefore, in-store signage is a silent salesperson as it communicates messages to your target customers. In this post, we explore the idea of in-store signage as a strategy to heighten your brand message and increase sales.

In-store signage Key Takeaways

  • Signs capture the customer’s attention and can power customers into taking the desired action
  • Retail stores can use digital in-store signage to provide up-to-date and real-time information like discounts and flash sales
  • Measure conversion rate by considering the digital signs ability to attract traffic and compel action
  • To measure digital signs conversion rate, use different media channels and video display options
  • Retailers are using a variety of digital tools to make in-store advertising more interesting.

How much does in-store signage cost?

Sign design and installation cost about $438 for the US in 2020.

Understanding How In-Store Signage Works

In-store signage works by:

  • Helping shoppers to find what they are looking for, and spreads the word about new products customers don’t know exists
  • Demonstrating what outdoor advertising or product packaging does not
  • Takes the online campaigns offline, helping to increase leads
  • Pivots your offerings quickly and efficiently

Overall, installing in-store signage improves brand awareness and helps to improve product sales.

Real-World Examples of Brands Deploying In-Store Signage Effectively

Here are a couple of excellent in-store signage ideas for your inspiration:

1. How Nordstrom is Boosting Loyalty Program Using In-Store Signage

Nordstrom, the upscale fashion department store, is renowned for its successful worldwide online store.

The company installed digital in-store signage, to boost the loyalty program. The digital in-store signages boosted Nordstrom’s thriving loyalty program which contributes up to 50% of sales.


By implementing digital display board solutions, the company has attained a seamless shopping experience by letting the customers interact on their own terms.

2. How Sephora Uses Digital Instore Signage To Educate Customers

Sephora has placed in-store signage throughout the stores. The in-store signage focuses on educating the customers about the benefits of Sephora's loyalty program and guides shoppers through the wide range of their products.


For Sephora, installing digital in-store signage is a strategic approach for engaging consumers in a fun way and bringing brand awareness.

How To Deploy In-Store Signage Effectively

  • Have a clear goal in mind
  • Design a clear and easy to understand signage
  • Ensure a clear call to action so that customers understand what to do
  • Define metrics for success
  • The in-store signs should be legible from a distance
  • Get assistance from professional signage developers

Best Design Tools For In-Store Signage

  • Piktochart: Creates professional-looking infographics, presentations, and posters in portrait format
  • Photoshop: Provides an extensive number of photo editing tools
  • Photopea: A free online images editor with the ability to read or save PSD files
  • PlaceIt: Upload images or even videos of your website into a mock-up

To come up with effective in-store signage, you require some basic design skills. Luckily, you can find easy-to-use design tools. Examples are:


Cloud-based set of image tools and utilities, including a photo editor, a screen recorder, and a photo sharing service.

Businesses using pixlr:

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Adobe Spark

Web and mobile-based platform that enables businesses to create social graphics, videos and landing pages using available tools

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How To Print Your Sign

Once the design is ready, apply the following tips to ensure the quality and value of your in-store signage

  • Use the right printer for digital signs.
  • Set the correct color models and values on your design files
  • Ensure a design and format appropriate for the expected viewing distance.
  • Choose the right media depending on use case scenarios
  • Use vector images instead of pixels to avoid dreaded fuzziness and pixelation issues
  • Ensure the appropriate image size for photos


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