Create In-Feed Units: A Guide

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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These ads cost $10 per CPM, which means they are quite affordable in comparison to brand takeover ads

What Is In-Feed Ad Units?

In-feed ad units refer to the format placed in websites that match the look and feel of your advertisement. Ideally, website owners create provisions for in-feed ads in order to monetize their websites.

As website visitors scroll down the web content, they encounter in-feed ads and often click to learn more or purchase the advertised items.

In-feed ads, if used strategically, can help you increase website traffic and get you a higher conversion rate. In this post, we look at how in-feed advertising works and present some examples of in-feed ads.

In-Feed Ad Units Key Takeaways

  • The emergence of mobile accelerated uptake of in-feed ad format.
  • In-feed advertising delivers branded content to users without disrupting their user experience.
  • Publishers are actively pushing responsive design to bring the ‘feed’ format to their mobile sites and apps

Understanding How In-Feed Ads Work

In-feed unit is the best form of native advertising. The in-feed ads are inserted into newsfeeds and timelines (in-feed social), product listings, or content boards of prominent apps.

The in-feed ads fit the form and function while benefiting from large audiences of application users.

Different platforms offer in-feed native advertisements. Here is an overview of the different flag bearers running in-feed adverts, and the best practices for running in-feed ads on these platforms.

Facebook In-Feed Ads

Facebook in-feed adverts feature as one of the most versatile and effective advertising within the mobile advertising business.

You can use the image format in the Facebook news feed to show off your product, service, or brand.

For guidelines on how to create In-Feed Ads on Facebook click here

Instagram In-Feed Adverts

Instagram boasts tons of user data and provides advertisers with several possibilities when it comes to user targeting.

The difference between Facebook and Instagram comes in audience and creativity.

When creating In-feed ads on Instagram, the advertisers should consider adding content with a strong graphical appearance.

Image-based and video-based in-feed ads are a popular choice for Instagram advertisers.
Check out this guide for instructions on how to create In-feed ads on Instagram.

Twitter In-Feed Ads

While Twitter offers a different proposition compared to Instagram and Facebook, the platform features a card-based creative approach similar to its rivals.

When using in-feed ads on Twitter, consider the timing of when the users interact with the advertising inventory.

If the interaction is short, the sizing of your ad space should reflect the same.

Here is a guide on how you can create Twitter In-Feed Ads

Pinterest In-Feed Ads

Pinterest features promoted pins, allowing the advertisers to create adverts featuring supplementary information and promote them to a wider audience.

A big advantage for advertisers is the low-cost potential of Pinterest.

Therefore, companies with large Pinterest following can use rich pins for free when advertising.

Click here to learn how to create Pinterest In-Feed Ads

Real-World Examples Of Brands Using In-Feed Ads

Here are some inspiring examples of how brands are using in-feed ads to target their potential customers

How CleverMemo Uses In-Feed Ads To Target Potential Clients

CleverMemo is a web-based application for coaches.

To increase their viewability online, the software company uses infeed ads on relevant websites.

A great example of an infeed advertisement is this advertisement that appeared on


It is clear that the advertisement fits in with the other content in the stream.

It matches the look and feels of the news website, and it is clearly visible to the website visitors.

Besides, there is a clearly visible disclosure message on the top of the advertisement, and when the user clicks on the advertisement they are directed to a dedicated landing page.

Doodly Used InFeed Ads Targeting Social Media Users

Doodly is a whiteboard animation software that allows anyone, regardless of technical or design skills, to create professional, realistic whiteboard videos in minutes.


To encourage engagement, the brand presents a short video illustrating how easy it is for users to create a project using the video.

The advertisement features a video that appears just like the other posts on Facebook. Therefore, the users enjoy a seamless experience while viewing the post.

There is a link just below the advertisement, directing the interested AD viewers to the relevant download page.

You too can take advantage of in-feed ads to target web users. just make sure the advertisement matches the target audience's interests and is uniform with the web content shown on the page you intend to post the advertisement.

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