5 Website Flipping Business Success Stories [2024]

Updated: November 1st, 2023
Start A Website Flipping Business

Website flipping business helps people buy and sell online businesses. The website flipping business has a low barrier to entry and requires minimal investment. To start a website flipping business, make sure you have all the legal paperwork, buy a website, and improve and sell it for a profit.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a website flipping business:

1. Empire Flippers ($4.2M/year)

Gregory Elfrink came up with the idea for Empire Flippers when his outsourcing company in the Philippines lost a major client, leading him to explore the world of niche sites. After finding success with his own niche sites and receiving requests from others to sell their websites, Elfrink pivoted to become a full-time broker. With a focus on transparency and content marketing, Empire Flippers has become a leading M&A advisory business for online businesses, brokering over $50 million worth of deals.

How much they make: $4.2M/year
Current team size: 53


Empire Flippers: $20M/Year Helping People Buy And Sell Websites

Empire Flippers is a thought leader in brokering online business deals, having brokered over $50 million worth of deals and grown their pool of potential buyers by hundreds every month through a focus on content marketing and middle-of-funnel content.

Justin started Empire Flippers almost 12 years ago
Justin grew the business to $350K/month
Read by 9,597 founders

2. Flipsnack ($9.6M/year)

Janina Moza, Chief Marketing Officer of Flipsnack, joined the team a year after its launch and has been part of the project for almost 10 years. Flipsnack is an online tool that allows anyone to create digital flipbooks, and it has seen impressive growth, with business revenue increasing by over 50% year over year. The idea for Flipsnack came from analyzing the needs of the target audience and recognizing the opportunity for an easy-to-use flipbook maker.

How much they make: $9.6M/year
Current team size: 70


How We Started A Digital Flipbook Making Tool That Makes $9.6M/Year

Flipsnack is an online tool that allows anyone to create digital flipbooks and has increased its business revenue by over 50% year over year, with YoY growth rates between 50% - 84%, shifting from a B2C approach and focusing more on B2B.

Janina started Flipsnack almost 13 years ago
Janina grew the business to $800K/month
Read by 7,990 founders

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Other resources

3. Flippa ($18.3M/year)

How much they make: $18.3M/year
Current team size: 127


Matt Mickiewicz, Founder Of Sitepoint, Flippa & 99Designs, Tells His Story

Flippa has transacted more than $140 million in websites, domains, and mobile apps by 2015, allowing any business owner or buyer to sell or purchase a business online.

Mark started Flippa over 15 years ago
Mark grew the business to $1.53M/month
Read by 629 founders