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Business Idea: Start A Web Scraping Api in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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In today’s data-driven world, accessing web data efficiently can make or break a business. Enter: web scraping APIs. This business idea revolves around developing an API service that programmatically extracts data from websites, enabling businesses to gather actionable insights without manual effort.

By setting up a web scraping API, you’ll provide companies the tools they need to automate data collection, whether for market research, competitor analysis, or content aggregation. You’ll need robust coding skills and knowledge of web protocols to build and maintain the API's reliability.

The beauty of this business lies in its versatility—your service can cater to a multitude of industries. Start small with a niche focus, then expand as you grow. With businesses increasingly turning to data analytics, offering a reliable web scraping API could be a lucrative venture for those willing to dive into the technical details.

Revenue & Profitability

How much do web scraping APIs make?

Startup Costs

How much does it cost to start a web scraping API?

  • It can cost as low as $300 to start a web scraping API.
  • It can cost as high as $30,000 to start a web scraping API.

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Examples Of Successful Web Scraping Ap Is

Successful web scraping API businesses and case studies

This case study showcases how ScrapingBee, a web scraping API, was built on a shoestring budget using a mix of tools and outsourced services, achieving impressive growth through SEO content and targeted marketing strategies, with revenues averaging $125K/month, generating $1.5M/year since 2019.

$125K Monthly Revenue
Read by 183 founders

Scrapingdog, a web scraping API founded in India by Manthan Koolwal, is making $22k per month and has increased its paid customer base by 15-18% every month, focusing on SEO and quality backlinks to attract customers and achieve a 99% success rate in web scraping.

$22K Monthly Revenue
$300 Startup Costs
Read by 3,930 founders

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