5 Screen Printing Business Success Stories [2023]

5 Screen Printing Business Success Stories [2023]
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Here are some real life success stories of starting a screen printing business:

1. Life and Limb Printing ($960K/year)

Adam Tanaka (from Nashville, Tennessee, USA) started Life and Limb Printing almost 13 years ago.

$80K / month
1 founders / 3 employees
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Case Study

Hello! My name is Adam Tanaka and I own a company called Life and Limb Printing. We are a screen printing and full-service merch company that specializes in merch production for breweries, outdoor clothing companies, and restaurants with a little bit of everything else sprinkled in.

Since officially launching the business in 2010, we had our best month last year in October 2018 at $80,000 and now we are set to hit 1M by the end of 2019.


2. The Cause ($96K/year)

Antoine Taylor (from Los Angeles, California, USA) started The Cause about 6 years ago.

$8K / month
2 founders / 3 employees
Los Angeles, California, USA

Case Study

My name is Antoine Taylor and I own an apparel and printing company called The Cause International that donates a percentage of its profits back to those in need.

Since the start of our company we have given back to The Boy & Girls Club of South Side Chicago, Skid Row, Flint Michigan, and our most recent giveback was to Guatemala where we installed water filtration systems to villages that did not have clean water.


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4. The Foundry Screen Print and Embroidery Shop ($1M/year)

Forrest Wedmore (from Seattle, WA, USA) started The Foundry Screen Print and Embroidery Shop almost 13 years ago.

$83.3K / month
2 founders / 5 employees

Case Study
  • Forrest Wedmore and Clint Graham started The Foundry in 2010 as a custom t-shirt company.
  • The screen printing company that they were using was struggling and sold them the screen printing equipment for $10,000.
  • 11 years later the Foundry is making nearly $1m per year!


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