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5 Rv Rental Business Success Stories [2023]

5 Rv Rental Business Success Stories [2023]
Start A Rv Rental Business

The RV rental business is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to make money selling and renting recreational vehicles (RVs). This is a booming industry that continues to grow each year.

An RV rental business provides an appealing option for travelers and holidaymakers exploring the country. Starting an RV company can be fun as it offers you the flexibility to work on your preferred schedule. You can schedule drivers and cleaners and ensure RV maintenance without appearing physically.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a RV rental business:

1. ROAMERICA ($120K/year)

Gretchen Bayless and Taylor Hood (from Hood River, Oregon, USA) started ROAMERICA over 7 years ago.

$10K / month
2 founders / 5 employees
Hood River, Oregon, USA

Case Study

We are Taylor Hood and Gretchen Bayless, founders of ROAMERICA. A company that specializes in adventure vehicles, including 4wd campervans.


2. Dry Camp ($24K/year)

Paul Schauer (from Michigan, USA) started Dry Camp over 6 years ago.

$2K / month
2 founders / 0 employees
Michigan, USA

Case Study

Our names are Paul Schauer and Anthony Benacquisto, and we are the founders of Dry Camp - a casual camping brand that focuses on finding fun products for the outdoors and backing them with a great warranty.

The Double Hammock is a triple stitched, parachute material that, with each purchase, includes the extras that other brands make you acquire separately, such as the tree straps and carabiners. We are looking forward to carrying other products in the future, as we continue doing our research on what items we feel confidently represent our brand. As of right now, we are averaging $1,500 to $2,000 in monthly revenue through multiple sales channels.


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4. NW Adventure Rentals ($3M/year)

John Higgins (from Spokane, WA, USA) started NW Adventure Rentals almost 11 years ago.

$250K / month
1 founders / 19 employees

Case Study

Hello! My name is John Higgins, and I am the owner of NW Adventure Rentals. We are in the business of road trip adventures, specifically in RVs!

Over the last 10 years, NW Adventure Rentals has grown from a single-unit part-time gig into a thriving business with three locations, 85+ rental units, and $3M in annual sales.


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