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Business Idea: Start A Pool Installation Service in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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A pool installation service specializes in building and constructing new swimming pools for both residential and commercial clients.

This process involves obtaining necessary permits, preparing the site, installing plumbing and drainage, constructing the pool shell, adding finishes such as tiles and coping, installing equipment like pumps and filters, and completing landscaping and fencing around the pool area.

To run a successful pool installation service, it is essential to have skilled contractors with experience in excavation, masonry, plumbing, and working with pool materials.

Starting a pool installation service can be a profitable venture, as there is a high demand for new backyard pools and water features.

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Examples Of Successful Pool Installation Services

Successful pool installation service businesses and case studies

Learn how a third generation business owner started a profitable pool service and installation business in Southern Ontario, earning an average of $8000/month net revenue during peak season and growing from servicing 0 to 350+ pools since May 2016 by doing things that don't scale, such as manually talking to customers and focusing on the ideal customer.

$8K Monthly Revenue
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