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Business Idea: Start A Parking Lot Business in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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More people are purchasing cars, and the demand for parking spaces has increased significantly. Finding a safe parking lot is becoming a problem, and this is where the parking lot business opportunity emerges.

A private parking lot business provides customers with a convenient and safe space for automobiles.

Starting a parking lot business requires ample space, a parking attendant, a surveillance system, and payment collection software. To increase your income, you can introduce an EV charging station.

A parking lot business is an excellent low-maintenance business since you do not need to be there physically, as you can fully automate the parking lot as a self-service facility, available 24/7.

Revenue & Profitability

How much do parking lot businesses make?

Examples Of Successful Parking Lot Businesses

Successful parking lot business businesses and case studies

Learn how the Co-Founder and CEO of NOSON grew their business to $1.2M in revenue in 27 markets using tools like Typeform, Zapier and Google for only $300 a month, and their advice for entrepreneurs just starting out.

$100K Monthly Revenue
Read by 6,441 founders

Husband and wife team Luke and Heather Menear grew their parking lot striping business to almost $750k in annual sales after starting in 1999, and are now sharing their franchise opportunities across the east coast.

$61.6K Monthly Revenue
$125K Startup Costs
Read by 5,993 founders

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