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Online Poster Store Success Stories [2024]

Updated: July 4th, 2024

Are you a fan of vibrant wall art and creative expression? Starting an online poster store could be your next venture. This business idea revolves around curating and selling a variety of posters, from classic prints to original artwork by emerging artists.

Setting up shop involves creating an ecommerce website and sourcing high-quality posters. You'll need to manage inventory, and handle shipping and customer service. Digital marketing plays a significant role, so think about leveraging social media and SEO to reach potential customers.

An online poster store isn't just about selling prints; it’s about selling a lifestyle. By tapping into trends and offering unique designs, you can attract a dedicated customer base. If you’re passionate about art and ready to invest time in building a visually compelling brand, this could be a fulfilling and profitable venture for you.

In this list, you'll find real-world online poster store success stories and very profitable examples of starting a online poster store that makes money.

1. Apes In Space ($16.1K/year)

Dennis, an experienced e-commerce consultant, came up with the idea for Apes In Space as a way to document and share his journey of starting and growing an online store. He wanted to provide aspiring founders with a realistic account of the challenges and successes involved in building a business. Despite slow progress, Dennis has received positive feedback from readers and is focused on improving his marketing strategies and increasing profitability.

How much money it makes: $16.1K/year
How many people on the team: 0


Launching an Online Store and Documenting the Journey

An e-commerce consultant started an online store selling space posters called Apes In Space, documenting and sharing everything to provide an honest account of what it takes to start and grow an online store, with the biggest month yet in February making over $1,300 in sales.

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