7 Music Lessons Business Success Stories [2023]

7 Music Lessons Business Success Stories [2023]
Start A Music Lessons Business

Here are some real life success stories of starting a music lessons business:

1. Lessons By Brooke & Company ($420K/year)

Brooke Schrager (from Chicago, IL) started Lessons By Brooke & Company over 7 years ago.

$35K / month
1 founders / 1 employees

Case Study

Hello! My name is Brooke Schrager and I am the founder and studio manager of Lessons By Brooke & Company. We provide customized, in-home, private music lessons to students of all interests, ages, and ability levels.

We have also been able to expand our offerings to include lessons in arranging, bass, brass, composition, guitar, piano, sound engineering, viola, violin, and voice. I could not be more proud of and grateful for my team and our community of incredible students and families.


2. OnlinePianist ($840K/year)

Nimrod Cohen (from Tel Aviv, Israel) started OnlinePianist almost 13 years ago.

$70K / month
2 founders / 8 employees

Case Study

My name is Nimrod, and I am the CEO & co-founder of OnlinePianist, a mobile application that makes it super fun & easy to play one’s favorite songs on the piano.


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4. OnlinePianist

  • Estimated revenue: $70K/month
  • Website traffic: 1.77M/month
  • Business rank: #24.5K

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5. Melodica

Melodica Provide Highest Quality Music Lessons & Dance Classes for Kids & Adults in Dubai & Abu Dhabi with 10 prime locations. Kids & adults Classes.

  • Business rank: #957K

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Largest Award-winning music school in the Channel Islands. We offer private music lessons & graded exams in Guitar, Voice, Piano, Bass, Drums & Ukulele.

  • Business rank: #2.7M

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