6 Metal Fabrication Business Success Stories [2023]

6 Metal Fabrication Business Success Stories [2023]
Start A Metal Fabrication Business

A metal fabricator builds machines and structures from raw metal materials. The metal fabrication process involves cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and assembling to create metal products.

It would help if you had at least a high school diploma and technical training before starting the metal fabrication business. The fabrication job also requires basic reading and math skills.

Be aware that the metal fabrication business is not one you can start in a short time unless you have a large budget.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a metal fabrication business:

1. DownHomeModern LLC ($7.2K/year)

Marc Staples (from Clarksville, v) started DownHomeModern LLC almost 2 years ago.

$600 / month
1 founders / 1 employees

Case Study

My name is Marc Staples. I am the founder of DowhHomeModern and the Lago Luna Lakeside Studio in Virginia. With the recent introduction of my original designs of windbells and chimes, DownHomeModern is gaining attention as an educator as well as a producer of quality products. Each Frontier Bell that we sell embraces the history of the place it is named for.

In 2021 I created a collection of small bells based on American Southwest decor. I call the line our Frontier Mission Bells™. The rustic style of these products has grabbed the attention of people who like their homespun appearance. The Frontier Bells has been the primary driver of sales for DownHomeModern. The example below is called “San Gabriel”. It is named after a Spanish Mission in San Gabriel, California.


2. Godrej

Welcome to Godrej

  • Website traffic: 620K/month
  • Business rank: #77.4K

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Where to start?

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Need inspiration?

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Other resources

4. Liberty Safe

Liberty Safe home and gun safes are proudly built in America! Our focus on rugged durability, next-generation safe technology, and American-made dependability gives you t

  • Estimated revenue: $4.17M/month
  • Business rank: #145K

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  • Website traffic: 80K/month
  • Business rank: #200K

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