Lawn Care Service

Business Idea: Start A Lawn Care Service in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

Avg Startup Costs
Market Size
Avg Days To Build
90 days

Are you ready to begin your lawn care business and be your boss? A lawncare business offers lawn aeration, Seeding, fertilizing, soil acidity tests, and controlling weeds, among other services. If you love creating amazing landscapes, consider starting a lawn care company.

To start lawn care legally and run it profitably, you must register the business legally. You can get into a franchise or start a business from scratch. Decide what lawn care services you will offer and your target clients.

To offer effective service, purchase lawn care equipment, and hire skilled lawn care personnel.

Examples Of Successful Lawn Care Services

Successful lawn care service businesses and case studies

GreenPal has bootstrapped their business to over $30 million a year in revenue, after securing an unsecured line of credit for $85,000, and have built the operating system and platform for small lawncare companies to run their entire business through, becoming live in all 50 US states and having 1.2 million homeowners using the platform.

$375K Monthly Revenue
$250K Startup Costs
Read by 4,934 founders

Stacy Ling's garden blog generates an impressive $10K/month in revenue through ad revenue, affiliate sales, and brand sponsorships, stemming from her passion for plants and home decor that started in 2018.

$10K Monthly Revenue
Read by 168 founders

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