Freelance Web Developer

Business Idea: Become A Freelance Web Developer in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

Avg Startup Costs
Market Size
Min Revenue
Max Revenue
Avg Days To Build
70 days

Are you passionate about technology and looking for a way to earn extra income while working on your terms? How about becoming a freelance web developer? Firstly, web development is a highly sought-after skill in every industry. Secondly, the pay rate is higher than freelance writers, and freelance graphic designers earn. As a freelance web developer, you put yourself in a high-value proposition. However, it would be best to learn languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript to get started. Find a niche and start building anything and everything. Create a personal brand and build up your portfolio.

Examples Of Successful Freelance Web Developers

Successful freelance web developer businesses and case studies

Cantilever Web Design and Development, with clients including IBM and small businesses, reached a revenue of over $750k last year with a gross margin of 50% by prioritizing Digital Hospitality, fostering high-quality relationships, and constantly improving their process and philosophy.

$148K Monthly Revenue
$10K Startup Costs
Read by 42,135 founders

Cobuild Lab's CEO and Founder Angel Lacret shares his journey of starting a custom software solutions company, starting from $20k and growing to a team of over 50, and offers insights on attracting and retaining customers through a strong digital marketing campaign and building personal relationships, as well as emphasizing the importance of product market fit and sales.

$90K Monthly Revenue
$20K Startup Costs
Read by 3,297 founders

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