4 Ecommerce Operating System Success Stories [2022]

4 Ecommerce Operating System Success Stories [2022]
Start An Ecommerce Operating System

Here are some real life success stories of starting a ecommerce operating system:

1. Triple Whale ($12.7M/year)

I’m talking to someone whose company is still really young but his revenue is more than I would have imagined. To be honest, I was going to pass on this interview because I didn’t understand how it was possible, but I was later convinced. You’ll see why in this interview. Maxx...

AJ Orbach, Maxx Blank and Ivan Chernykh (from Columbus, Ohio, USA) started Triple Whale over 1 year ago.

$1.06M / month
3 founders / 89 employees

Case Study

AJ Orbach, Maxx Blank, and Ivan Chernykh founded Triple Whale, an operating system for eCom.

Triple Whale Shopify brands with an all-encompassing operating system that helps them simplify the data make informed decisions, and save plenty of time & energy.

One of the three founders, Maxx Blank, has had six years of prior knowledge of running an e-commerce business and initially decided to build a summary dashboard to help with his e-com company.

The company was founded in 2021, Triple Whale is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

In just one year of operation, Triple Whale Inc. has more than 2,500 Shopify merchants as clients and is expanding by about 30% month-on-month revenue.


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2. Triple Whale

Triple Whale centralizes the metrics from all the tools you use, right into your pocket. We simplify, inform & save you time!

  • Estimated revenue: $1.06M/month
  • Business rank: #59.8K

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3. FenixCommerce

FenixCommerce is the eCommerce conversion optimization solution helping retailers streamline their shipping operations and provide a superior end-to-end customer delivery experience

  • Business rank: #356K

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4. Versand durch Zenfulfillment®

Same Day Versand, niedrige Versandkosten, individuelle Verpackung & mehr. Voll integriert und auf Autopilot mit dem #1 E-Commerce Fulfillment Service.

  • Business rank: #2.35M

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