6 Custom Treehouse Business Success Stories [2023]

6 Custom Treehouse Business Success Stories [2023]
Start A Custom Treehouse Business

Tree houses are fun escape places for both young and adults alike. The kids use the tree houses for fun, play, and hiding, while the adults love spending their free time relaxing and enjoying the cool breeze on tree tops. Plus, this tree house concept is becoming quite popular in the hospitality industry as well.

Therefore, starting a tree house construction business could be a lucrative business opportunity. To build a tree house, you need unique design and architectural skills. A custom treehouse business can be a fun, challenging, and rewarding way to make money.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a custom treehouse business:

1. O2 Treehouse ($762K/year)

Dustin Feider (from Oakland, California, USA) started O2 Treehouse over 18 years ago.

$63.5K / month
1 founders / 8 employees

Case Study

Hello, I am Dustin Feider the founder, lead designer, and CEO of O2 Treehouse Commercial Inc (O2 Treehouse or O2T) and Treewalkers! O2 Treehouse is a company of nature-lovers, builders, designers, and engineers dedicated to creating innovative architectural structures in trees all over the world. Combining modern engineering with old-school craftsmanship, we’ve built over 85 structures in the past 17 years. In that time, we have developed a proprietary building technology called the Tetratruss, which has radically transformed the way treehouses are built, while also creating the O2 Treehouse signature style.

Today, O2 Treehouse is so well known, that we have a two-year backlog of projects waiting to be brought to life and have been featured in over 85 publications!


2. RedState

RedState - Where the VRWC Collaborates Online

  • Business rank: #6.64K

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  • Business rank: #200K

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5. AAA Distribution

  • Business rank: #349K

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