6 Composting Business Success Stories [2024]

Updated: November 1st, 2023
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In this list, you'll find real-world composting business success stories and very profitable examples of starting a composting business that makes money.

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1. Worm Bucket ($78K/year)

Audrey & Rob Wynkoop came up with the idea for the Worm Bucket Indoor Composting Kit after turning to backyard gardening during the pandemic. Rob experimented with various designs for an indoor worm composter to address the limited space of apartment living. Audrey quit her corporate job, built a website, and launched the vermicomposting kit, which has now generated $6,500 in monthly revenue.

How much money it makes: $78K/year
How much did it cost to start: $25K
How many people on the team: 1

We Quit Our Jobs And Are Building A $6.5K/Month Composting Business

Husband and wife duo Audrey & Rob Wynkoop built the Worm Bucket, an indoor composting kit for individuals living in apartments and condos, and have now launched on Amazon as well as their own Shopify store, currently doing $6500 in monthly revenue.

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4. Uncle Jim's Worm Farm

Over 40 years of Red Wigglers Worm Composting experience. We sell live red wiggler worms year round, worm composting bins and other vermicomposting supplies.

Where they're located: San Diego, California, USA
Website traffic: 270K/month


5. BioCycle

BioCycle is your go-to source for recovering the maximum value out of every ton of organic waste and wastewater generated.

Where they're located: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


6. recompose

Become soil when you die

Where they're located: Seattle, Washington, USA