Classic Car Club Business

Business Idea: Start A Classic Car Club Business in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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Market Size

Imagine having exclusive access to a fleet of impeccably maintained vintage cars whenever you desire. Starting a classic car club business offers just that. Members pay a subscription fee to enjoy the luxury and nostalgia of driving classic automobiles without the burdens of ownership.

By pooling resources, a classic car club can afford a diverse collection of vehicles that individual enthusiasts might find cost-prohibitive. The business model includes organizing regular events, such as road trips and social gatherings, fostering a tight-knit community of car lovers.

The classic car club business is not just about vehicles—it's about experiences. From sourcing and maintaining the cars to organizing events and managing memberships, this venture requires dedication and a passion for automotive history. Ideal for car enthusiasts with entrepreneurial spirit, this business blends work with the joy of sharing timeless machines with like-minded aficionados.

Examples Of Successful Classic Car Club Businesses

Successful classic car club business businesses and case studies

Cars of Carlisle Network Podcast, founded by Darren Reighard, has grown into an increasingly successful entrepreneurial pursuit with over 130 episodes and is continuing to expand, with an annual revenue that is increasing, over 12k downloads from 45 countries, and a 18-month goal to expand sponsorship to become a full-time CEO managing the business with a 5 employee team.

$419 Monthly Revenue
$3.11K Startup Costs
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