Canned Cocktail Business

Business Idea: Start A Canned Cocktail Business in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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Market Size
Market Size

Fancy sleek, ready-to-drink cocktails? Dive into the canned cocktail business.

This venture involves creating a line of pre-mixed alcoholic drinks, packaged in convenient cans. You'd be blending mixology with convenience, offering a sophisticated drinking experience on the go. The growing demand for premium, ready-to-drink beverages makes this a timely opportunity.

Setting up involves recipe development, sourcing quality ingredients, and selecting sturdy, stylish cans. You'll need to meet regulatory standards and consider scalable production methods. Marketing efforts will include branding and social media campaigns to capture the lifestyle appeal.

The canned cocktail market is ripe for innovation. If you have a knack for creativity and a head for logistics, this business can offer a rewarding mix of artistry and enterprise.

Examples Of Successful Canned Cocktail Businesses

Successful canned cocktail business businesses and case studies

Drake's Organic Spirits, the largest organic alcohol company in the US and the first to achieve all five certifications, has achieved success through producing sustainable spirits that are good for both consumers and the environment, and has experienced rapid growth, with a 2020 sales of 40,000 9L cases and projected sales of over 100,000 for 2021.

$900K Monthly Revenue
$320K Startup Costs
Read by 3,450 founders

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