6 Basketball App Success Stories [2024]

Updated: November 1st, 2023
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Here are some real life success stories of starting a basketball app:

1. HoopMaps ($36K/year)

Dominic, the co-founder of HoopMaps, came up with the idea after driving around town to find a pickup basketball game and realizing there must be a better solution. After validating the idea by speaking to hoopers at various parks and gyms, he and his brother built an MVP of the app themselves and launched it in 2016. The app gained traction through press coverage and viral videos, leading to over 90,000 users, international media features, and a partnership with The Big 3 professional basketball league.

How much they make: $36K/year
Current team size: 4


How We Started Hoopmaps, Went Viral, And Got On Shark Tank

HoopMaps is a mobile app that helps users locate pickup basketball games, with over 90,000 users across 11 countries, featuring on international media outlets like SportsCenter and Shark Tank, and has partnered with The Big 3 professional basketball league.

Dominic started HoopMaps over 7 years ago
Dominic grew the business to $3K/month
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