How To Wow Your Customers With Handwritten Notes

Updated: February 26th, 2024


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What Is Handwritten Marketing?

Handwritten marketing is a common strategy used by sales and marketing teams that aim to maintain close relationships with their customers.

Sending handwritten notes to customers helps marketers achieve personalized marketing, improve customer loyalty, and improve open rates.

The concept of sending writing handwritten notes to customers is ideal in lead generation, sending thank you message after the customer made a purchase, retargeting abandoned shopping carts, and several other scenarios.

Handwritten Marketing Key Takeaways

  • Handwritten marketing focuses on the personal aspect of sending letters, making it a memorable way to get your message across.
  • Sending handwritten notes is an affordable way of targeting and converting high-value leads through personalized messages.
  • Handwritten notes make the customer feel special and perceive your relationship as something more than just business.

Understanding Handwritten Notes

In a world where customer communication is digitized, marketers may perceive writing letters by hand as a big waste of time.

Fortunately, marketers can revive handwritten marketing by leveraging modern technology, such as Scribeless to produce personalized letters for clients.

A handwritten letter makes the customer feel special and leaves a good impression of your company.

Marketers make use of handwritten notes to customers when they want to express gratitude, and improve human interaction, especially when retargeting a customer.

When sending handwritten notes to customers, marketers need to use high-quality paper that reflects the company’s ethos and makes the customer, feel that you took time to prepare the note.

Real World Examples of Companies that Sent Handwritten Notes to Customers


Hex, a fashion brand, is a great example of a company that built customer loyalty by incorporating personalized handwritten notes to customers.


Featured on Forbes, HEX hand wrote and delivered over 13,000 thank-you notes to the customers.

Hex is an established brand, thanks to their brilliant idea of sending handwritten thank-you notes to their customers. It is clear that handwritten notes helped HEX achieve customer loyalty.

2. John’s Crazy Socks

John’s Crazy Socks, is our second example of a company that sends handwritten notes to customers.


In this example, a happy customer recognizes John’s Crazy Socks for sending a handwritten note that included a bag of favorite candy, just for buying few pairs of socks.

In fact, the customer is so happy, that he posted the image on Twitter, and even mentioned John’s Crazy Socks, which has the potential of generating more traffic to the company's website.

How to Get Started With Handwritten Notes For Your Customers

  • Decide what you are looking to achieve in the short and long term
  • Choose if sending handwritten notes will be a one-off campaign or a recurring one
  • Design a template that represents your brand's personality
  • Customize the message to match the customer’s expectation
  • Send your handwritten note sooner rather than later

Taking time to handwrite notes to each customer can take a lot of your time. tools like Scribeless and Handwrytten will help you write notes to customers.

Handwritten notes

Implementing smaller & more unconventional PR is a great way to attract and retain new customers.

It's easy to focus on all of the digital tools we have at our disposal, that I think we tend to forget about the smaller, old fashioned things we can do that people truly appreciate.

One great example of "unconventional PR" is writing a handwritten note to your customers.

Brittney Torres, founder of Glace Cryotherapy ($35K/month) explains the power of a hand-written note to gain new customers:

Case Study

However, with that said we hustled hard those first 5 months. We constantly reached out to people in the community who we thought would be interested in our services, delivered handwritten notes and chocolates to physical therapist and chiropractor offices inviting them in to try out our services reached out to the local high school and college.

We ended up with 50 members our first month and worked 8am-9pm to make sure our hours accommodated mostly everyone and to see what worked best for our new business model. On the weekends we took our modalities that were mobile out to different boutique fitness places (barre, spin, etc.) basically anyone who would let us and even if we just got one member out of it we saw that as time well spent.


Brittney Scarlett-Torres, on starting Glace Cryotherapy ($35,000/month) full story ➜
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