The 7 Best VC Firms In Greensboro, NC [2021]

The 7 Best VC Firms In Greensboro, NC [2021]

Are you looking for a VC firm for your Greensboro, NC based startup?

Finding the right investment firm for your startup can be a daunting task.

There are a number of successful venture capital firms in Greensboro, NC, and we've curated a list of the best local firms in the area. Additionally, we provide you with:

  • Investment size
  • Funding stages
  • Typical industries the firm works with
  • Well known companies the VC firm has invested in

Here's the list:

1. Salem Investment Partners

  • Location: Greensboro
  • Industries: Healthcare, Wholesale
  • Investment Range: $2M to $10M
  • Stage: Series A, Series C
  • Companies invested in: QAP, US Tarp, Insight 2 Design

Salem Investment Partners is an investment firm that believes in investing in people with experience in the industry and the integrity to succeed.

The firm has currently over $200 million under management. They specialize in debt and equity investments in privately-held, middle-market businesses. The firm is licensed by the US Small Business Administration to participate in its Small Business Investment Company program. The main goal of the firm is to increase the flow of capital to emerging and middle-market companies by providing flexible and low-cost funding.

They typically invest anywhere from $2M to $10M.

Learn more about Salem Investment Partners ➜


2. LaunchLab

  • Location: Greensboro
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: 9th Floor, TripCode, Hops Nuts

LaunchLab is a Greensboro-based accelerator program that provides the necessary support, education, inspiration, and collaboration to potential entrepreneurs.

The firm helps businesses to take action and work toward achieving goals. LaunchLab focuses on assisting entrepreneurs as they launch, grow, and expand their businesses with an emphasis on minority entrepreneurs.

Learn more about LaunchLab ➜


3. First Launch Capital Fund

  • Location: Greensboro
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: $25K to $150K
  • Stage: Seed Stage, Series A
  • Companies invested in: CrewPay, ThreatSketch, Proodos

First Launch Capital Fund is an early-stage VC firm based in Greensboro North Carolina.

The firm focuses on investing in start-ups and early-stage companies, with high growth and future funding potential, at their initial stages. They primarily focus on tech and tech-enabled companies. They have an expert team and investors who work closely with entrepreneurs to build scalable businesses.

They typically invest anywhere from $25K to $150K.

Learn more about First Launch Capital Fund ➜


4. Hawthorne Residential Partners

  • Location: Greensboro
  • Industries: Real Estate
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: Parkside, Waterstone

Hawthorne Residential Partners is a private property management and investment firm that provides services in the apartment and real estate industry.

The firm focuses on providing exceptional management and financial services to its clients, focusing on the creation of long-term value and maximizing returns. They possess the unique combination of local market knowledge, management expertise, and strong transactional relationships with owners, brokers, lenders, and equity partners to acquire apartment properties with ease throughout the region.

Learn more about Hawthorne Residential Partners ➜


5. New Page Capital

  • Location: Greensboro
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage, Series C
  • Companies invested in: Engineered Steel, Jet Hot

New Page Capital, a private equity firm, provides investments opportunities in the surrounding area.

The firm mainly focuses on targeting companies with stable cash flows and sustainable competitive positions. They have excellent local professionals with diverse experiences and a broad set of skills designed to learn the businesses of their partnering companies using a hands-on approach and lead them successfully towards growth opportunities.

Learn more about New Page Capital ➜


6. Piedmont Angel Network

  • Location: Greensboro
  • Industries: Life Sciences, Technology
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: ProtoChips, AvidXchange, Guerilla RF

The Piedmont Angel Network is a well-known capital angel fund based in Greensboro.

The firm focuses on investment opportunities in early-stage companies that present high growth opportunities. To date, they have invested in 23 companies with a primary focus on the life science, technology, software, and advanced materials fields.

Learn more about Piedmont Angel Network ➜


7. Black Legend Capital

  • Location: Greensboro
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: Seed Innovation Lab, Rocket Internet

Black Legend Capital is a VC firm that provides specialized investment to its partnering entrepreneurs.

Along with the capital, they also provide exceptional consulting services to a diverse range of corporate clients, institutional investors, and high net worth individuals to add value and create opportunities.

Learn more about Black Legend Capital ➜


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