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39 Profitable Fishing Business Ideas (Ultimate List)

39 Profitable Fishing Business Ideas (Ultimate List)

Are you interested in starting a fishing business but not sure what to start?

The good news is that there are several high ROI fish business ideas you can start today.

If you're looking to start your own fishing business, you have come to the right page.

Below, we put together a list together of the most profitable fishing business ideas you can start in 2023!

Here they are:

1. Start an aquarium house business

The aquarium business stocks a variety of home aquariums and supplies, along with a varied stock of freshwater and saltwater fish. Also, an aquarium business offers system startup and maintenance.

Starting an aquarium is a very profitable retail business. Luckily, starting an aquarium business in metropolitan cities is very easy. To start an aquarium business, write a plan and find an ideal commercial space for the company.

Before launching the ornamental fish business, you should know how big the market is, conduct a competition analysis to determine who you are against, and craft a competitive strategy.

How Much Can You Make?
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hi! My name is Larry McGee, and I own a company called Aquatic Designs, Inc. I design, sell, install, and maintain fish aquariums in restaurants, hospitals, medical offices, and any other business imaginable. I service aquariums in the central Arkansas area and travel the state doing aquarium system repair at big box pet stores.

Triple 200 Gallon Aquariums in a Restaurant/See behind the wall of these tanks


2. Start a shrimp farming business

Shrimp farming is a pawn or prawn production business in the marine or freshwater environment.

To start shrimp farming, ensure you have quality freshwater ponds. According to experts, newly dug ponds yield poor results, and there is no algae buildup for the shrimp to feed on. Select the appropriate location so you raise your shrimp.

Purchase quality juvenile shrimp and ensure you feed the shrimp twice a day.

3. Start a fresh fish shop

According to the American Heart Association, eating fish twice a week is part of a healthy diet. Fish is rich in calcium, potassium, and magnesium, making it a nutritional meal supplement.

Therefore, with the increasingly health-conscious population, starting a fresh fish shop can be a rewarding business.

You need not be a fish farmer to be a successful fish monger. You can source fish from fish farmers across the country or the food hub and distribute it to your target customers.

4. Start a fish smoking business

As many people become more health-conscious, fish demand is rising. Thus, starting a smoked fish business can be profitable. For many fishermen and fish mongers, smoking fish is one of the most efficient ways of preserving fish. This is because smoking fish allows it to be edible for a more extended and enhances the flavor.

However, not everyone can smoke fish perfectly. If you have the skill and experience of smoking fish, consider starting your own smoked fish business. Find an area where fish is in high demand, and set up your fish smoking business.

5. Start an abalone farming business

Abalone is a highly nutrient-rich and flavorful delicacy, classified among the most expensive seafood. Abalone has several health benefits, including being high in protein and a combination of essential vitamins and minerals.

Abalone is often sold live in a shell, frozen, or pan-fried and canned.

Overfishing and high demand for seafood are reasons abalone farming remains highly profitable. However, starting an abalone farm can be overwhelming. Abalone farms should measure various parameters at regular intervals, including nitrogen and sulfide levels.

6. Start a tilapia fish farming business

Tilapia fish have a high breeding rate and rapid growth. Under optimal growth conditions, tilapia fingerlings reach harvestable size in just 8 months. Starting and expanding a tilapia farming business is easier than you think. You need a fish pond, fresh water, fish feeds, and a few fingerlings to kickstart your business.

7. Start a catfish farming business

Unlike some forms of the fish farming, catfish farming involves substantial investment and requires daily attention. However, under the right growing circumstances, catfish farming can be a profitable business.

To start a catfish farming business, secure financing and acquire a flat land where you can set up a pond. Then, construct the pond and plant grass seeds around the pond.

8. Start a fish hatchery business

A fish hatchery is where the artificial breeding of fish occurs. The hatchery involves fish hatching and rearing finfish, shellfish, and other types of fish.

With the increased adoption of fish farming, starting a fish hatchery can be profitable. To start a fish hatchery, there must be enough supplies available to lead the hatchery.

How Much Can You Make?

Case Study
  • Malik King is the founder of Malik’s Fish Garden and a fish influencer from Toronto, Canada. He raises and sells uncommon and exotic fish as a side business while working as a freelance background artist in television & cinema.

  • Malik sells his fish to local people and wholesales it to retailers. He mainly obtains unusual fish from other collectors and certain well-known South American fishermen.

  • He breeds them for around one year and provides them per the customer’s need. He lives in one building flat, where he has 55 to 60 tanks for farming.

  • Malik is of Sri Lankan ancestry, and after suffering in the war-torn political environment, he & his family immigrated to Canada as political refugees when he was 12. He began growing fish at seven, motivated by his father.

  • Every month, he spends about $500 on fish meals and $100 on medicine. Aquamalik is his YouTube channel, where he gives fish farming guidance in live sessions.

  • He makes roughly $5000 per tank by selling the fish. His annual net revenue from this side activity is roughly $45,000.


9. Start a salmon fish farming business

Salmon fish farming takes place in a controlled freshwater environment. Mature salmon is transported to seawater cages and transported to processing plants. Salmon produces a healthy, affordable food high in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, an essential factor in reducing heart disease.

10. Start an eel farming business

Eels are long snake-like fish with slim scaleless skin. The light chestnut brown fish are carnivorous and spend their life in freshwater. Do you want to start an eel-farming business? Eel farming is a low-cost business and relatively easy than other fish farming projects. Globally, eel fish is an important food fish because of its delicious taste and protein content.

Therefore, starting an eel fish farm can be profitable. To start, you need a good business plan that details your goal. Then, you should have enough land where you will construct the fish pond.

11. Start a prawn farming business

Are you interested in aquaculture farming? You can start a prawn farm today!

Prawn is a type of fish with plenty of market demand because of its taste and health benefits. Prawns are an excellent source of selenium, and they prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Prawn farming is a multi-million-dollar industry, and you can make a six-figure income from prawn farms. You do not need a university degree to start shrimp farming or a considerable investment. You need space to set up the prawn pond, water, and pawn feed.

12. Start a cod farming business

Cod is a round fish that lives in cold salty water and is generally wild-caught but can be farmed. Cod is a low-fat source of protein, hence a great choice for health-conscious people who want to reduce their fat intake and have a healthy heart.

In recent years, there has been a growing shortage of the traditional species of North-Atlantic groundfish and, more particularly, Cod. Thus, if you would like to start a cod fish farm, this might be the right time.

13. Start an oyster farming business

Oyster farming is not only a profitable business but also an excellent way to fight climate disruption and water pollution. Oysters take about 24 months to mature to market size. Oysters naturally grow in estuarine bodies of salty water. Farming oysters occur under controlled temperatures to induce spawning and fertilization.

14. Start an ornamental fish farming business

Ornamental fish are very quiet, and they do not harm your indoor space. Keeping ornamental fish indoors boosts relaxation and keeps blood pressure at a normal level. Therefore, people love to keep ornamental fish in their homes and offices.

If you are looking for a fish-related business opportunity, you probably would like to take on ornamental fish farming. Your customers will be interior designers, residential and commercial property owners looking for unique décor for their spaces.

15. Start a fish processing plant business

A seafood processing plant is a facility where a wide range of procedures is done to prepare wild-caught or farmed seafood for retail consumption.

Seafood processing plants provide fish washing, chilling, grilling, glutting, filleting, shucking, cooking, smoking, salting, drying, preserving, or canning fish. The fish processing plants must have cold storage for the processed seafood.

16. Start a fishing tools and accessories business

Fishing is a profitable economic activity. To achieve a good catch, fishermen require high-quality fishing tools and accessories. Starting fishing tools and accessories business can be a profitable venture. To start, find a location where fishing is an everyday activity. You can start an online or physical fishing tool and equipment store.

17. Start a fishing vessels and boats production

The increased demand for fishing equipment in fishery technology will boost the global fishing vessel market. You can consider starting a fishing vessel production business if you have relevant training in machinery operation and maintenance. Your customers will be emerging and existing fishermen.

18. Start a pond construction business

Are you a designer with construction skills? Starting a pond construction business can be profitable business. The pond construction business involves building and managing ponds. You must understand the planning, designing, and construction of fish ponds. Your customers will be aspiring and existing fish farmers.

The first step in starting a pond construction business is to do some research. Find out what type of equipment is needed for the kind of ponds you want to build and how much it would cost to purchase that equipment. You'll also want to find out how long it takes to build a pond and how much it costs to do so.

This will help you determine whether or not this is really something you want to do. Once you've done your research and decided that this is something you want to pursue, it's time to start talking with potential clients about their needs.

19. Start a shellfish farming business

20. Start a fish documentary business

21. Start a fishing net repair shop business

22. Start a kids fishing club business

23. Start a grass carp farming business

24. Start a rainbow trout farming business

25. Start a silver carp farming business

26. Start a breeding and selling baits business

27. Start an aquarium construction business

28. Start a crustaceans farming business

29. Start a minnows farming business

30. Start a fishing competition business

31. Start a vet service to fish farms business

32. Start a fish medication and nutrients production business

33. Start a fishes and fishing book writing business

34. Start a fishing nets and fishing lines production business

35. Start a fishing vessels and boats servicing business

36. Start a raising and harvesting aquaculture business

37. Start a rohu farming business

38. Start a fishing blog business

39. Start an ice supply to fishing vessels business

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