Find Bloggers & Vloggers To Promote Your Brand: A Guide

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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The cost of finding bloggers or vloggers to promote your brand varies depending on their potential,.

Who Are Bloggers & Vloggers?

Bloggers & vloggers are influencers who publish and promote content on a regular basis - whether it be through their blog or social platforms.

These personalities have a very engaged and loyal following that sees them as experts in their space - so they are effective at boosting brand awareness and generating leads on your product or service.

In this post, we highlight how to find bloggers and vloggers to promote your brand.

Content Marketing Key Takeaways

  • 47% of buyers view three to five content pieces before engaging a sales representative.
  • Primary goals for content marketing are brand awareness, increasing sales, and increasing engagement.
  • 32 percent of participants aged 18 to 34 said they watch at least three vlogs per week.

How Bloggers and Vloggers Promote Your Brand

With the internet and social media revolutionizing how we communicate, the use of vloggers and bloggers plays a special role in creating opinions and sharing information.

Vloggers and bloggers alter the way we think about certain things and are a powerful tool in today’s society.

The reason brand Vlogging and blogging is so influential is that it gives a sense of transparency in communication with the consumers.

While the bloggers and vloggers may have a seemingly smaller audience compared to traditional advertising options, they have earned much-coveted loyalty and trust from niche audiences.

The bloggers and vloggers provide a formidable persuasive voice respected by online communities especially when researching products and services.

Therefore, bloggers and vloggers provide a unique voice that helps to promote brands.

Vlogs and blogs provide information of value that people refer to when making critical purchase decisions.

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How to Find The Right Vloggers and Bloggers To Promote Your Brand

Here are important tips to guide you when it comes to finding bloggers and vloggers to assist you in marketing your brand.

Step1. Come Up With A Set Of Goals And Objectives

The first step you should take before you start any kind of marketing is setting the goals and objectives.

You need to come up with a clear timeline that will guide you in setting concrete goals.

A goal could be to reach 10 vloggers and 5 bloggers within the next five months.

Then, you can say that vloggers and bloggers will help you to market particular products or certain product lines.

Having clear goals helps you determine what to do at every stage of your campaign.

Step2. Identify Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is vital. This information will determine your next steps.

Whom do you intend to reach through vlogs and blogs?

Identify the target audience so that you will be able to find the vloggers and bloggers who create relevant content.

Step3: Fix A Budget

Once you have a clear set of goals, now you need to set a budget for your content marketing campaigns.

The budget will depend on the type of bloggers/vloggers you intend to reach through the campaigns. If they are really popular and have a good followers base then the charges may be high.

Also, while setting the budget, remember that some bloggers and vloggers may request sponsorship money rather than a monthly payment.

Step4: Find Prospects

Now that you have set the goals, set the budget and you know the target audience, it is time to research and find prospective vloggers and bloggers.

You can find bloggers and vloggers through a Google search or use special tools with lists and filters.

Step5. Build a Relationship with the Blogger / Vlogger

Once you have identified Vloggers and Bloggers, the next step is building a relationship with them.

Ideally, it is crucial that the influencer resonates with your brand and portrays your products or services in a way that is consistent with your brand.

Negotiate the working terms and enter into a formal agreement with the influencer of your choice.


Since the rise of the digital era, consumers are acknowledging internet research when it comes to making purchase decisions.

For brands, ensuring informative and rich content is inevitable, if they will be found online.

One way to ensure you are found online faster is through blogging and Vlogging.

Unfortunately, you may be too busy and blogging or creating vlogs may not be your calling.

Fortunately, brands could partner with bloggers and vloggers when to help them in reaching potential audiences.

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