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How one founder turned a successful Kickstarter campaign into a $40 million tabletop game company with a focus on crafting a few special products each year and using social media to build community and relationships with customers.

$1.73M Monthly Revenue
$2.4K Startup Costs
Read by 12,373 founders

Modern Producers is an e-commerce platform that sells software and tools for modern music producers and has more than doubled its revenue annually, earning $1.1 million in sales in 2019.

$120K Monthly Revenue
$500 Startup Costs
Read by 10,126 founders

This case study explores Thomas Frank's successful business teaching people how to use Notion and selling templates, with sales reaching $2.1 million in two years and template sales currently at $120k/mo, showcasing his journey from blogging and YouTube to e-commerce and SaaS.

$135K Monthly Revenue
$5 Startup Costs
Read by 5,007 founders

This case study follows the journey of a service-based business, Paper Raven Books, from bootstrapping with minimal expenses to scaling with a team of 18 members, $20,000 per month in advertising spend, and revenues of $1.1 million per year by package pricing, paid advertising to webinars, and offering smaller introductory packages with practical insights and guidance.

$100K Monthly Revenue
Read by 3,323 founders

Career Sidekick founder Biron Clark shares how he turned his job search advice website into a multiple six-figure per year business, earning approximately $25,000 per month from revenue streams predominantly based on display advertising and affiliate marketing.

$50K Monthly Revenue
$200 Startup Costs
Read by 10,322 founders

Dick At Your Door is an e-commerce shop that grew almost 10x within the last eight months by selling anonymous pranks such as 5 oz chocolate penises, and its founder shares his journey that started as a joke to becoming a professional chocolatier.

$125K Monthly Revenue
Read by 15,491 founders

Startup Mini Materials sells miniature masonry and woodworking supplies with a cult following gained through viral videos, social media and email newsletters.

$20K Monthly Revenue
Read by 29,248 founders
$3.8K Monthly Revenue
Read by 114 founders

Case study of Rex Marketing & CX: Growing revenue to $10,000/month in just a year by leveraging AI, automation, and outsourcing, specializing in growth marketing, product development for small businesses in healthcare, financial services, and SaaS spaces.

$10K Monthly Revenue
$500 Startup Costs
Read by 251 founders

Case study about the growth of an event production company in London that started in 1997, now making $50K monthly and aiming to reach $90K by offering event equipment and services such as LED video walls, sound systems, and lighting hire, serving corporate events and focusing on exhibitions for revenue growth.

$50K Monthly Revenue
$1K Startup Costs
Read by 231 founders

Matchmaker solves marketing puzzle for businesses, profits over $430k CAD in one year, connects companies with vetted agencies at an 80% success rate.

$26K Monthly Revenue
$2K Startup Costs
Read by 2,353 founders

FounderPal is an AI-powered marketing tool for Solopreneurs generating around $10,000/mo through one-time payments, born out of the need to provide strategic marketing solutions rather than just content generation.

$10K Monthly Revenue
$100 Startup Costs
Read by 5,218 founders