The 72 Best Data Loss Prevention Software Tools For Small Business [2021]

The 72 Best Data Loss Prevention Software Tools For Small Business [2021]

Data Loss Prevention Software is essential to running your business.

After interviewing thousands of founders, we put together a list of the most popular data loss prevention software tools.

Here they are:

1. Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform is a set of modular cloud-based services that allow you to create anything from simple websites to complex applications

Businesses using Google Cloud Platform:

2 successful businesses are using Google Cloud Platform ➜


Get Google Cloud Platform ➜

2. Gamma

Leverages advanced deep learning for accurate data classification to instantly detect and remediate data loss threats across SaaS

Businesses using Gamma:

1 successful business is using Gamma ➜


Get Gamma ➜

3. Aperture

Aperture is a single-pane-of-glass service platform for Microsoft 365 that integrates security tools such as Office 365 DLP, Azure Information Protection, and Cloud App Security

Businesses using Aperture:

1 successful business is using Aperture ➜


Get Aperture ➜

4. Netkiller DLP

Netkiller DLP is a Real-Time Data Loss Prevention platform for Google Drive

Get Netkiller DLP ➜

5. Data Loss Prevention

Data protection tool that helps enterprises screen online content and reveal sensitive data through safeguarding confidential data


Get Data Loss Prevention ➜

6. SafeGuard Cyber

SafeGuard Cyber is a cloud-based platform that empowers organizations to use social media and digital channels securely, compliantly, and at the scale of global business


Get SafeGuard Cyber ➜

7. Arcserve Continuous Availability

Continuous data protection to ensure vital systems and applications remain operational


Get Arcserve Continuous Availability ➜

8. Open Raven

Control and prevent data leaks


Get Open Raven ➜

9. Commvault Orchestrate

Web-based tool that allows provisioning, syncing and migrating data across environments and manage organizational needs


Get Commvault Orchestrate ➜

10. Jazz Platform

Machine learning & policy engine provide threat detection & response


Get Jazz Platform ➜

11. Altitude Networks

Cloud security software to protect your companies data


Get Altitude Networks ➜

12. ObserveIT

User activity monitoring solution that allows you to capture video recording, identify users, and generate textual audit logs


Get ObserveIT ➜

13. Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery

Metallic delivers comprehensive, proven and enterprise-grade Microsoft 365 data protection, with the simplicity of SaaS


Get Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery ➜

14. Unitrends Backup

If managing backups is just one of your countless responsibilities in IT, then consider Unitrends for all-in-one ease-of-use


Get Unitrends Backup ➜

15. Forcepoint DLP

Behavioral, risk-adaptive security enables proactive threat response and dynamic monitoring and enforcement of data controls


Get Forcepoint DLP ➜

16. NAKIVO Backup & Replication

Prevent data loss and corruption in virtual, physical, cloud and SaaS environments


Get NAKIVO Backup & Replication ➜

17. DataSense Data Protection

Centrally managed system that scans for sensitive data such as social security numbers for data at rest


Get DataSense Data Protection ➜

18. ESET Endpoint Security

Endpoint security tool that eliminates various types of threats, including viruses, malware, ransomware, rootkits, worms and spyware using anti-spyware, anti-phishing, web control, anti-spam, and botnet protection with remote management capability


Get ESET Endpoint Security ➜

19. ManageEngine Device Control Plus

A data loss prevention solution that can control, block and monitor USB devices from having unauthorized access to sensitive data


Get ManageEngine Device Control Plus ➜

20. Security Management Platform

Exabeam is SIEM that helps security operations and insider threat teams work smarter


Get Security Management Platform ➜

21. AxcessD

Helps prevent data theft, identity theft, and cyber crime by protecting and controlling access to user data on web platforms

Get AxcessD ➜

22. Prey

Prey is a software and online platform for mobile device tracking, management, and protection available for laptops, tablets, and mobiles


Get Prey ➜

23. Datenschutzsoftware

Data protection tool that provides SMBs with document creation & management, order processing, event management and privacy breakdown


Get Datenschutzsoftware ➜

24. Trustwave Data Loss Prevention

DLP system that controls enterprises online communication, stops HTTP, HTTPS and FTP policies entering, and detects sensitive data


Get Trustwave Data Loss Prevention ➜

25. GoodAccess

Secure your Team's cloud infrastructure, databases, and servers with our affordable Dedicated IP VPN for Teams


Get GoodAccess ➜

26. FileFacets

All-in-One Solution for Sophisticated Content Analysis and Migration


Get FileFacets ➜

27. Curtain e-locker

A data loss prevention solution with features to maintain document security and keep files in the system


Get Curtain e-locker ➜

28. DG Data Protection Platform

Data protection system for Windows, Mac, or Linux


Get DG Data Protection Platform ➜

29. DataSecurity Plus

DataSecurity Plus offers data discovery and real-time server auditing, alerting, and reporting


Get DataSecurity Plus ➜

30. Verimatrix Software Shielding

A full product family from our ProtectMyApp service, to our Code Protection tool, through to our Whitebox tool for crypto protection


Get Verimatrix Software Shielding ➜

31. FGX-Web

Monitors and protects websites against the latest threats affecting online businesses/eCommerce


Get FGX-Web ➜

32. DriveStrike

Computer & mobile remote wipe, lock, and locate for all operating systems and hardware


Get DriveStrike ➜

33. Adaptive DLP

Take critical information protection to the next level


Get Adaptive DLP ➜

34. Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Provides a comprehensive approach to information protection that embraces todays cloud- and mobile-centered realities


Get Symantec Data Loss Prevention ➜

35. DataStealth

Data protection solution that applies encryption, tokenization, and anonymization policies to ensure secure storage of sensitive data


Get DataStealth ➜

36. Faction

Enterprise multi-cloud solution for cloud migration, data protection, disaster recovery, and more


Get Faction ➜

37. CubexSoft Data Recovery

Data Recovery Tool is for anyone who wants back their lost, corrupted, unmounted and deleted data from any storage derive


Get CubexSoft Data Recovery ➜

38. Nightfall DLP

Nightfall DLP is the industry's first cloud-native data loss prevention solution


Get Nightfall DLP ➜

39. Beyond DLP

Protect data within company boundaries and beyond


Get Beyond DLP ➜

40. Panda Adaptive Defense 360

Data Control is designed to assist in complying with data protection regulations, as well as discovering and protecting sensitive data


Get Panda Adaptive Defense 360 ➜

41. Striim

Data management solution that enables businesses to process and deliver real-time data through serialization, access control, and more


Get Striim ➜

42. NeoCertified Secure Email

NeoCertified provides an essential component for your DLP strategy: a trusted secure email solution for businesses of all industries


Get NeoCertified Secure Email ➜

43. SecureTower

Enterprise DLP solution with a lot of functionality for user monitoring and analysis


Get SecureTower ➜

44. Retrospect

Backup and disaster recovery protection for servers, desktops, notebooks, and business-critical applications


Get Retrospect ➜

45. EZTurtleRanch

Protects sensitive client data in a database if the database is breached


Get EZTurtleRanch ➜

46. iManage Threat Manager

Protect sensitive data and intervene to prevent data loss


Get iManage Threat Manager ➜


FILERECOVERY® recovers deleted and lost files from all types of media, including hard drives, flash drives and more



48. CloudCodes

Most preferred CASB vendor for SMBs globally - Single Sign On, Data Loss Prevention, Identity Management, Shadow IT, Access Control,etc


Get CloudCodes ➜

49. Enterprise Security

It defines and manages organization wide security policy, provides embedded enterprise data security and more


Get Enterprise Security ➜

50. Hivecode

Tracking for your data to avoid data leaks and prevent others from using your source code


Get Hivecode ➜

51. DeviceLock

Provides both contextual and content-based control for maximum leakage prevention at minimum upfront and ownership cost


Get DeviceLock ➜

52. Humming Heads

Humming Heads Evolution DLP (data loss prevention) includes:1

Get Humming Heads ➜

53. Seeker DLP

Data loss prevention solution designed to fill the gap between excessively feature-rich DLP software


Get Seeker DLP ➜

54. Mailbox Exchange Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery efficiently repairs corrupt Exchange Database (EDB) files


Get Mailbox Exchange Recovery ➜

55. Somansa DLP

Somansa provides total data loss prevention to monitor, prevent, and discover sensitive data in emails, cloud, social media, and USBs


Get Somansa DLP ➜

56. Endpoint Protector

Data Loss Prevention - Industry-Leading Mac & Cross-Platform DLP solution for Enterprises, available as hardware and virtual appliance, or as cloud infrastructure


Get Endpoint Protector ➜

57. Zscaler

Cloud-based cloud security platform that provides application security, behavioral analytics, vulnerability management, and more


Get Zscaler ➜

58. Data Rescue

Data recovery solution that helps businesses retrieve media as well as documents from hard drives, USB flash disks, SD cards, and more


Get Data Rescue ➜

59. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery is a user-friendly data recovery tool capable of recovering photos, videos, documents, music, documents


Get iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac ➜

60. O365 Manager Plus

O365 Manager Plus is the one-stop Office 365 solution with reporting, auditing, monitoring, management, alerting, and delegation capabi


Get O365 Manager Plus ➜

61. Relational Junction

Cloud data management providing instant data warehousing, replication, integration, and backup and recovery for 100+ data sources


Get Relational Junction ➜

62. CipherWorks

NIST based DLP and DCAP solution available in the cloud


Get CipherWorks ➜

63. MyDLP

System that protects office applications from internal or external data loss, detects private data, and alerts about possible leakage


Get MyDLP ➜

64. SilverSky Email Protection Suite

Content-aware policies normally reserved for standalone enterprise technology help companies of all sizes guard against insider threats


Get SilverSky Email Protection Suite ➜

65. Metashield Protector

Tools that help businesses prevent data loss


Get Metashield Protector ➜

66. Regit for Business

Data management platform that helps collect, manage and protect customer data through multi-factor authentication, encryption & more


Get Regit for Business ➜

67. Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection provides complete malware protection and remediation with precise threat detection, proactive threat blocking, and thorough remediation, driven from the cloud and easy to use for organizations of all sizes


Get Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection ➜

68. McAfee DLP Endpoint

DLP app that protects intellectual property or financial data from unexpected disappearance via virtual data protection policies


Get McAfee DLP Endpoint ➜

69. EncryptRIGHT

EncryptRIGHT is multi-purpose data encryption, tokenization and key management software suite


Get EncryptRIGHT ➜

70. Veracode Runtime Protection

Prevent office or home applications against data leakage with tool that controls devices and blocks threat attacks


Get Veracode Runtime Protection ➜

71. Dathena Guardian Suite

Comprehensive data protection suite that includes leading data discovery and classification that powers world-class data protection


Get Dathena Guardian Suite ➜

72. AvePoint Cloud Backup

Automatic, SaaS backup, and on-demand restore


Get AvePoint Cloud Backup ➜

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