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Visa List is an Australian tourist visa information company. The company was founded in 2018 by Hari Krishna Dulipudi and is based in Sydney.

Know where you can travel with your passport tension free. Get latest visa requirements and document checklist for different countries. Check if you can travel visa free or visa is required. Also find travel information for these countries. No more contradicting, confusing and outdated information about visas




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Hari Krishna Dulipudi details the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Visa List?

I quit my job in 2017 as a product manager and started travelling to new countries and building products along the way. I had been working on my second micro start-up, ACrypto, back then. It was successful and was generating basic income for me. It was during one of my travel plans to the Philippines, I realised how difficult the whole visa process is. Two months before my trip, I searched on Google and found that it’s visa-free, so I booked my flights and hotel accommodation. I don't know why but I searched for the same thing a week before my travel date and found that what I saw was a Google snippet and it was for Singapore citizens and in fact visa is required for Indian. So I had to rush to the embassy which was not in my city. I ended up talking to multiple visa agencies where every promised different time frames and prices. At the end, there was a holiday in the Philippines and the embassy was closed and I couldn't get my visa and I ended up cancelling the trip.

Soon I realized that you need a visa to get into most of the countries and that, while a few have Visa on Arrival (VOA), most require that you go through their embassy in your home country. I wanted to find the countries I could go to without having to wait three weeks to get a visa, so I did some research. I had to wade through a few blogs and websites, but I eventually found a list with the information I need, and off I went! After a few months, I wanted to travel to another country, but I’d lost the original list I’d found so I had to start my research all over again. Luckily, I found a new site that listed even more countries offering VOA.

A friend of mine told me that when he was researching visa information for Vietnam, he found almost 10 websites with a .gov address, which was really confusing. In my own research, I found that many blogs don’t have links to official embassy websites, which is ultimately unhelpful.

Trying to find the information I needed was a huge challenge. There was no aggregated visa information shown in any kind of useful way, so each different country required the same amount of tedious research every time I wanted to travel, and most of the blogs and websites I found had very little information and were outdated. It was also very difficult to find official government or embassy websites. which meant I often ended up paying more money to visa agents.

Frustrated, I searched for a product that could help, but everything I came across just had a table with the very basic visa requirements and nothing more. Even though I had no formal experience in travel and visa-related issues, I realized that all of my time researching and traveling had put me in a position to address the need. I decided to aggregate all of the information I could find, organize it, and present it in a simple and useful way. Thus, Visa List was born!

I built an MVP of the site and shared it with a few friends—and they loved it. Their positive responses gave me the hope and motivation I needed to move forward, so I started building a full-fledged site. In two months' time, it was ready. The public launch was a huge success and it’s been growing strong ever since.

embed:instagram In USA as I was planning on building Visa List

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Visa List is built on Custom Built, Node.js, Vue, and Google.

They use Telegram and Whatsapp for their email. Apple Keynote, Calendly, and Notion for their productivity. Sidemail for their shipping.

They use Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit for their social media. Ahrefs, SemRush, KWFinder, and Moz for their seo.