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Vape and Juice is a British vape juice and cbd company. The company was founded in 2013 by David Mason and is based in Whitstable.

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Company History

David Mason details the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Vape and Juice?

I’ve always aspired to work for myself or having my own business. As a kid, I found a local newsagent that would sell adult magazines to me. It wasn’t even as if I looked old enough, I definitely didn’t. I would bring the magazine home, carefully remove the pages and posters, roll them into a tube, and sell them at school to my friends.

> No sooner had I been handed the website log-in, did I realize I couldn’t advertise vape kits or e-liquids on Google and Facebook. Lesson 1 - do some prior research!

My parents would send me each Sunday to spend the day with my Grandpa who ran a little antique store in rural Essex. I would watch people come in and sell him something, only for him to sell it later that day for a profit. I loved watching that happen. Then I’d go home and my Dad would be closely monitoring his stocks and shares. All of my family had their own businesses, so it’s bred into you at a young age.

I began to collect militaria, old army cap badges, and the like, looking for them at a cheaper price than their recent valuations.

After school, it was only ever going to be the military or finance for me. I ended up doing both. It was in finance where I made a hash of my life in my early and mid-20s. I was working in broking at a time when there was still that ‘Wolf of Wall St’ vibe going on. Our bosses were the yuppies of the 80s, drugs were rife and I fell into a bad crowd, working in quite a ‘grey’ market.

I ended up penniless, unemployable, and imprisoned. It was a dark time and I put my family through hell.

I could write a story devoted to that time. But while my confidence was knocked, I don’t think you ever lose the understanding of how to sell if you can do it. You just need to sell the right thing to the right people, in the right way. So I ended up in retail.

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They use Ahrefs for their seo.



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