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Big Cloud Recruitment is a British data science recruitment service company. The company was founded in 2013 by Matt Reaney.

From San Francisco to Shanghai (and everywhere in-between) we are global recruiters in data science, machine learning and AI.




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Matt Reaney details the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Big Cloud Recruitment?

I remember one of the first conversations I had when I officially decided I was going to be self-employed. I’d finished a long day at work and I was speaking to my friend Kit in our office car park. I told him I wanted to do something different in recruitment, and I was going to start on my own. I asked him if he was interested in joining me, and he said yes.

So here I was one night, sitting around a dining room table with two of my close friends and we decided to embark on this venture together. Initially, we knew we wanted this company to be tech-driven and global, but we weren’t sure where to start. We enlisted the help of another close friend to get her opinion and advice on emerging trends in technology, and whether she thought we could apply them to recruitment. She got back to us with 5 areas for us to research and advised us to choose one of the following: Storage, Cybersecurity, Virtualisation, Big Data, or Cloud Computing. We started googling these areas, and within minutes of researching ‘Big Data’, we decided this was the market we wanted to work in.

At the time, businesses of all shapes and sizes started using this buzzword called ‘big data, which essentially means an incredibly large volume of unstructured or structured data that is difficult to process using traditional methods. You look at companies like Facebook that mine big data - people's demographics, social interactions, and media posts - and they use that data to market and retarget content to them.

Businesses were starting to capitalize on this idea that we actually all have so much data at our fingertips, so why aren’t we paying more attention to what this data can tell us about ourselves?

The demand for companies looking for Data Scientists and Engineers to handle big data was about to flourish. At the time, there were only one or two competitors in the UK who were recruiting in this area, and we saw that this was a niche in the market that hadn’t really been touched yet. It had everything we were looking for: A fast-paced environment, innovative technologies, and smart, high-achieving people. Inspired by the notion of Big Data and all it has to offer; we collectively came up with the name Big Cloud.

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