14 Best Business Collaboration Email Templates [2024]

Updated: December 22nd, 2022

14 Best Business Collaboration Email Templates [2024]

Are you looking to collaborate or partner with another brand?

When you're forming partnerships, it's critical that you do your research and create the perfect outreach email.

You'll want to know if they're a good fit with your brand, so check out their website and social media profiles and see if they seem like they align with your interests and values. If you think there's potential for collaboration, reach out to them!

Here are 14 free business collab templates to use in 2022 that will save you time and increase your chances of getting a response.

What To Include In Your Business Collaboration Email

When it comes down to crafting your email, there are a few key elements to include:

  1. Define the goal of your collaboration
  2. State what you think will be of interest to them
  3. List your inquiries and references
  4. Mention the last time you met or spoke to them
  5. Add your joint social media links

Mutual Relationship Pitch

title=Mutual Relationship Marketing Collaboration Project Hi [ Name ],

I’m [ your name ] from [ company name ]. I’ve followed your blog since 2016.

Your recent posts [ write one or a few topics ] resonate with me, and I thought it was something our company audience would appreciate, and I shared it with our email subscribers and on all our social media platforms.

I want to discuss [ topic ] and see if we can work on a similar project together.

We can set up a phone call later this week if you’re interested in discussing starting a collaboration that adds value to our audiences.

[ Signature Name ]


Asking an Influencer to Promote Your Products

title=Partnership with a 15% commission Hi [ Name of Influencer ],

We’ve followed your work for a while, and we like your interesting takeaways and deep dive into [ subject or topic of interest ].

You must be selective about the companies and collaborations you choose, so we’ve reached out about a product your audience will appreciate.

[ Tell them a little about the product. ]

We can offer you a 15% recurring commission over the lifetime of the customers you bring into our company.

If it sounds interesting, please tell us when you are available for a follow-up chat.

[ Signature Name ]


The "Free Sample" Email Template

title=A free sample to kick off our collaboration! Hi [ name ]

My name is [ your name ] from [ company ]. I really enjoy your [ relevant content ] and am impressed by how well you've done with [ their company name ].

I'm reaching out to you because I have a product that I think your audience would appreciate. Would you be willing to test and review [ product ]?

I can provide a free sample for you to review, and three extra ones that you can give away to your audience.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Thanks for your time,

[ Signature Name ]


Business Collaboration Email Template #1

title=Collaborate? 👊 Hi [ Name ],

Let me just say I’m a big fan of [ Company Name ]. Just so you know I genuinely think that [ Personalization ]

My name is [ Your Name ] btw, [ Your Title ] at [ Your Company ]. We’re a [ What You Do ].

I'm writing this email to discuss [ Company Name ] and [ Your Company ] potential integration. We are seeing a huuuge market demand for our data and I have no doubt this will end up being a major success if we make it happen.

I’d love it if we could get on a call and talk about establishing a win-win partnership between our two companies.

You game?

Let me know,

[ Signature Name ]


Affiliate Program Email Template

title=What's up? I wanted to reach out and let you know about... Hi [ Name ]

I'm [ your name ] from [ company ], a New York-based color-obsessed label. We're loving your personal style and enjoy following your journey on [ receiver's social media account ].

[[ TOP TIP: Explain who you are, and let the influencer know you've taken the time to research into what they're all about ]]

I'm reaching out because we think you would be a great ambassador for our brand.

Would you be interested in coming on board as an affiliate partner?

We would love to gift you a number of pieces to style, wear and share with your community if it's a good fit for an upcoming post.

[[ TOP TIP: Explain to the influencer clearly what you would expect from them to be involved ]]

We can also supply an affiliate code so you can earn some money from your influence [ just a little thank you gift ].

Let me know what you think - would love to chat further about how we could work together.

Please feel free to reach out to me on [ phone number ] at any time to discuss this further.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

[ Signature Name ]


The Event Invite Pitch

title=Bloggers Invited! Hello Bloggers!

[ Company name ] is hosting the annual Awesome Conference [ link ] from [ date ] in [ location ]. Awesome Conference is dedicated to discussing the awesome subject matter, the latest awesome innovations, and the chance for awesome industry professionals to meet and network. Some of our speakers this year include celebrated industry experts like [ speaker 1 ], [ speaker 2 ], and [ speaker 3 ].

We have limited passes available for bloggers to attend. We are primarily interested in bloggers from the awesome industry or equally cool fields.

We ask that the bloggers who attend write a post about their experience and spread the word of the event on their social media channels, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Bloggers will receive a free pass and a discount code for their readers!

Let us know ASAP if you’re interested!

[ Signature Name ]


The Beta Test Email Template

title=We'd love you to join us! Hi [ Name ],

I'm [ your name ] from [ company ].

Later this fall, we're going to be launching a major new feature called [ feature name ] which enables bloggers like yourself to better monetize your traffic on static evergreen pages. I noticed you cover new products on your blog, plus your blog might be a real fit for this new service, so I wanted to see if you'd be interested in joining our beta testing team.

As a beta tester, you'll get an early peek at [ feature name ] and you'll be giving direct feedback to our development tea. We'll offer you free access to this service for one year, plus your insights will help shape where we go with this exciting new product.

Just send me a reply if you're interested and I'll get you set up.


[ Signature Name ]


Sneak Peek Email Template

title=New Case Study Hey [ name ],

I'm just reaching out to give you a heads up that I'm publishing a new Skyscraper Technique case study next week.

As a fan of the strategy, I just thought you'd like to be one of the first to know. 😊

Want a heads up when it goes live?


[ Signature Name ]


First Outreach Email Template

title=Hope you're having a great day! Hi [ name ]!

I’m [ your name ] from [ company ]. I work with [ mutual connection ] who mentioned that you [ what mutual connection said about the influencer ].

[ Mutual connection ] said that it would be a good idea to get in touch with you to learn more about [ topic ] and work on [ project ] together.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? If so, I would love to call you some day this week around noon and figure out a way to make it mutually beneficial.

Let me know what you think!


[ Signature Name ]


The Actionable Follow-up Email Template

title=[ Your first name + direct message ] Hi [ name ]!

I’m [ your name ] from [ company ]. I sent you an email last week about [ project ] that I think could be beneficial for us to partner up on. I’ve come across your work on various occasions and really enjoyed [ a project of theirs you enjoyed ].

I thought you’d be interested in working on this project because [ reasons ].

If you’re interested, I’d love to get your take on the project and figure out how we can make it beneficial for both parties.

Let me know if you’re interested in working something out. It’d be great to get on a call on [ day ] or [ day ] this week at noon!

Just for reference here are some projects I’ve worked on – just to let you know I follow through and am serious about making this work: [ links to projects ]


[Signature Name ]


Instagram Ambassador Collaboration Pitch Template

title=Looking for Ambassador for [ company name ] Hi [Insert Influencer Name],

My name is [ insert name here ] and I work for [ insert company name ]. I am reaching out because we have been following your Instagram and love your honest thoughts on [ insert topic ]. We would love to invite you to become a part of our brand ambassador team! We think your [ insert what you saw on their feed aligns with your company’s mantra ] and believe you would be a great fit as a [ insert company name ] brand ambassador!

As a brand ambassador, you would partner with us on [ insert what you’d like to utilize your ambassadors for ].

If you are interested, I would love to talk with you about our ambassador program and what we have to offer!


[ Signature Name ]


Podcast Guest Request

title=Guest for your podcast Hi [ name ]

I’m a HUGE fan of your podcast. I especially liked [ episode ] because [ takeaway or comment ].

You consistently put out the best podcasts I’ve ever heard, and that’s why I’m reaching out to you. I’d really like to be a guest on your show.

[ Quick about you, why you’d be a good guest. Link to an about page on your site. ]

To give you a better idea of what I’m like on the mic, here are a few other podcast episodes I’ve been on:

[ Link to Podcast ]

Either way, keep up the great work! Can’t wait for your next episode.


[ Signature Name ]


Guest Writer Request

title=Contribute to my article Hi [ name ]

Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. From looking at your impressive career advancement from salesperson to sales director in just five years, I'm guessing you have some really valuable advice.

I read a few of your testimonials and I noticed that many of them said you put people first. Many of them said that you always drop what you're doing to listen to the concerns and ideas of your front-line salespeople.

Would you be willing to contribute to an article I'm writing on that subject?


[ Signature Name ]


Brand Pitch Email Template

title=Let's talk about how we can work together Hi [ your recipient’s name ]!

I hope you’re having a great week! My name is [ your name ], and I write a blog [ link to your blog ]. I’m currently planning the 3rd quarter and I’m going to make several posts focused on beauty products.

In particular, I really want to try out [ the brand’s product ] and I would like to post a review on my site (typically valued at $400 [ replace with your figures ]).

My readers are also interested in Q&A posts about your products so I think we could start a mutually beneficial collaboration!

If you’re interested, please reply to this email so we can discuss the details.

Thank you!


[ Signature Name ]

P.S. Liked your recent interview for [ magazine ]


25 Business Collaboration Email Subject Lines You Can Use

Here's a list of 25 popular email subject lines you can use for your business collaboration

  • Get the professional results you want by collaborating with us.
  • Let's talk about business
  • Is there anything you're interested in working on together?
  • We'd like to get better at working together
  • Can we grab a coffee?
  • Want to collaborate?
  • Your team needs a "team" app.
  • Help Us Crush It
  • Are You Looking for Your Soulmate?
  • We work with great collaborators like you!
  • We just entered your industry
  • I've got a ticket to sell...
  • We're making collaboration as easy and flexible as possible with…
  • Do you collaborate with brands or influencers?
  • We want to do business with you - here's why
  • Got a minute? I've got a proposal for you.
  • We Make It Happen
  • Hey Partner, let's work together
  • Happy to collaborate with you
  • So, are you ready to collaborate?
  • We should talk about working together.
  • How can we grow together? Let's talk.
  • How do we match businesses and entrepreneurs?
  • What Happens When You Collaborate With A TED Speaker?
  • Let's enter a partnership.

Looking for more business collaboration email subject lines? Check out our full article about Influencer Collaboration here or another article about Partnership here

Tips For Writing A Successful Email

A well-written email can be a powerful communication tool. If you want to get your point across and have it read, write an email that is clear, concise and compelling.

Here are 6 tips to help you write better emails:

1. Keep it short.

People are busy, and they aren't going to read anything more than a few paragraphs long in their inboxes. If you have something important to say, be concise.

2. Be friendly and personable. The best emails show that their sender cares about the recipient: address them by name, make jokes and be friendly, compliment them on something they've done recently—demonstrate that you know them well enough to give them a personal touch.

3. Use bullet points or numbered lists where appropriate.

If you're making a list of suggestions or talking about multiple things, it's much easier on the reader if you use bullet points or numbers rather than listing every point out separately in paragraphs.

(Obviously this doesn't apply if you're using an email for something else entirely—such as a newsletter or informational message.)

4. Proofread your message carefully before sending it out.

Even though you may think you're a pro at typing emails, there are still some mistakes that you could be making. It's important to avoid these errors so that your message is clear and correct.

If you skimmed over the email, there is a good chance that you missed an error in the very sentence that you just changed.

Pro tip: Read your entire message out loud before hitting send. You are more likely to catch mistakes this way!

5. Be sure to include the recipient's name in the email.

This seems like an obvious tip, but it's easy to forget that we're not sending mass emails to a group of people but individual messages to each person on the list.

Your best bet is to craft your message carefully, and make it personal by using the recipient's name. It shows that you're paying attention and it also makes the email feel more personable.

6. Be clear about what you want

Be specific and don't beat around the bush. Think about what you're asking for clearly before you write anything down.

In the first line of your email, state clearly what you want and how the recipient can help.


Below we detail the most common questions as it relates to business collaboration for email.

What are the top five benefits of a good collaboration?

  • Fresh inspiration
  • Increased communication
  • Cut costs
  • More flexibility
  • Increased productivity

How do you structure a brand partnership?

  • Build common goals
  • Promote your partner
  • Present new value to customers
  • Compare brand narratives
  • Focus on resolving a problem
  • Agree on a track to achieve goals
  • Ask your audience


In the end, collaboration is what makes a business strong. Good communication through email is essential to a healthy partnership, and these are some of the good templates that can help you do just that. Don't be afraid to try them out.

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