172+ Best Partnership Email Subject Lines [2024]

Updated: January 20th, 2022

If you're looking to boost your email open rates and increase sales, your email subject line is the first (and most important) step in achieving those goals.

Did you know that 33% of email recipients open emails because of an engaging subject line?

That's why it's critical to craft a catchy email subject line that will get you the traffic and conversions you deserve.

We've put together a list of 172+ best partnership email subject lines [2024].

Some are proven examples from other successful campaigns, and some are creative ideas to inspire you.

Creative Email Subject Line Ideas

  • Spooky discount 75% off Mastermind
  • An improved tool for {{leadscompanyname}}
  • If You Don't [blank] Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later
  • I LOVE this little tool!
  • {{testimonialscasestory}} were just like you. Then we improved their sales by 35%.
  • Shall we meet at {{conference_name}}?
  • Ideas for [thing that's important to them].
  • My 2016 business plan...
  • Big News! We're Launching Our New Product In 3 Days
  • Big Celebrity Announcement
  • You're About to Miss Out
  • Who Else Wants [desired result]?
  • Are you a {{leads_position}}? Don’t miss this tool.
  • The Biggest Lie In [your industry]
  • You can reach {{leads_goal}} in 3 steps
  • How [customer first name] Made Over $15,000 After Reading Our Book
  • How To Take The Headache Out Of [blank]
  • Grubhub: Last Day To See What This Mystery Email Is All About
  • The 3-step Content Marketing plan
  • Thank You!
  • A scheduled call for {{leads_name}}
  • Never Suffer From [undesired result] Again
  • Are you interested in soon-to-be X?
  • 9 facts about what {{yourcompanyname}} can do for you
  • 7 tips to {{lead’s_goal}} in 2021
  • Now You Can Have [something desirable] Without [something challenging]
  • The Quickest & Easiest Way To [desired result]
  • Bad News
  • I'm Done Talking to You About This
  • {{leadscompanyname}} & {{yourcompanyname}} promised call reminder
  • Question about [recent trigger event].
  • Do Not Try Another [blank] Until You [take desired action]
  • A fully refundable tool for {{leads_name}}
  • How Emily Faith got 76,974 YouTube views in 10 days...
  • How [impressive number] Got [desired result] in [time period]
  • Answers to your questions
  • Give Me [short time period] and I'll Give You [desired result]
  • Why you shouldn't [do what I desire them to do]
  • Why I blank
  • [blank] May Be Dangerous To [something precious]
  • Special proposal for Xs!
  • A promising startup looks for team members!
  • Imagine [desired result] And Loving Every Minute Of It
  • 8 proven tips to become the best in {{leadsniche}} as a {{companytype}} company
  • The benefits of X for you
  • Meeting invite: [Date]
  • Yikes!
  • Glad you’re back after a nice vacation ⛱️ Now let’s improve your {{KPI}}
  • I'm closing it down!
  • A proven solution for {{leadspainpoint}}
  • Meeting invitation for {{leads_name}}
  • Question about [a goal they have].
  • The Sooner You Know [blank] The Better
  • {{leadscompanyname}} can sell even more with {{yourcompanyname}}
  • My new book! (and a big mistake)
  • Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About [blank]
  • Your {{leads_niche}} service needs this
  • Gap: Mondays are suddenly AWESOME
  • Why [impressive number] of People are [taking desired action]
  • Groupon: There are no deals in this email
  • An important thing you need to know as a {{leads_position}}
  • 3 steps to achieve {{leads_goal}}
  • Need to grow sales at {{leadscompanyname}}?
  • Warby Parker: Pairs nicely with spreadsheets
  • Influitive: So I'll pick you up at 7?
  • Invitation to be our X
  • The Muse: We Like Being Used
  • Join me in congratulating...
  • $100 or $100.00? (It makes a difference)
  • A special life-time deal for {{leads_name}}
  • Groupon: Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)
  • Could you provide us a review about X?
  • Get the new X before anyone else sees it!
  • Use THIS to become an Authority (in ANY market)...
  • We’d gladly be your partners on X
  • {{leadscompanyname}} can benefit from a collaboration with {{your_company}}
  • Here's a Quick Way to [solve a problem]
  • Don't buy [Product Name] until you read this
  • This is embarrassing but...
  • Private Invite
  • Looking for possible collaboration on X
  • {{yourcompanyname}} + {{leads_name}} = a safe road to success
  • Searching for future partners on X
  • I was wrong...
  • I'm pulling the plug...
  • Our team needs you in X!
  • Would you like to get featured in our X event?
  • Sublime Stitching: Bummed you missed out? Console yourself...
  • 3 secret {{toolsrelevanttoleadsstrategy}} to boost sales
  • Become a co-organizer of X!
  • 9 myths about {{leads_interest}} dispelled
  • Requesting a meeting on [Day]
  • [Newspaper/Magazine/Media Outlet] Just Named Us Company Of The Year
  • 15 minutes this week?
  • Could you give us feedback, please?
  • OpenTable: Licking your phone never tasted so good
  • [SWIPE] 10 Best Customer Survey Questions
  • Your [blank] Doesn't Want You To Read This [blank]
  • A special 🎁 for {{leadscompanyname}}
  • Xs needed for the Y project!
  • This critique gets uncomfortable at times
  • Every {{leadsjobposition}} needs this tool
  • Seriously, get this book.
  • [Company name] + [Company name]: [Date]
  • The Bold Italic: Just P100ho You: Where to Eat SF's Best Pho
  • My Gift to you...
  • [First Name], quick question for you.
  • Call me crazy, but...
  • Hello, {{yourleadsname}}, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again…
  • The registration for X ends in Y days
  • Eater Boston: Where to Drink Beer Right Now (Sent at 6:45am on a Wednesday)
  • We’ve met at {{conference_name}}
  • Are you interested in curation on X?
  • {{leadspainpoint}}? 4 tools for a successful campaign
  • Your next steps are as follows
  • Time for a quick touch base?
  • Stop paying us!
  • Frankly I'm a little surprised
  • [Case Study] [Result of Case Study]
  • Survey Results (sort of...)
  • [blank] May Be Causing You To Lose Out On [desired result]
  • [Mutual connection] recommended I get in touch.
  • {{yourcompanyname}} knows 3 secrets to {{leadscompanyname}}’s growth
  • Read this before clicking "Send"
  • Reaching out for partnership opportunity
  • BloomThat: Better than a pumpkin spice latte!
  • Baby Bump: Yes, I'm Pregnant. You Can Stop Staring At My Belly Now.
  • The YouTube Gold Mine
  • 2016 will be a land grab (Get Yours)
  • The PERFECT traffic platform?
  • [First name], Can You Help Us Connect With Your Friends in [city name]?
  • Uber: Since we can't all win the lottery...
  • Myths are interesting, and people love to see myths dispelled. This makes them feel ahead of the curve, more knowledgeable than others in their niche. Adding a number just fuels this fire more.
  • See How Easily You Can [desirable result]
  • Overstock: Seriously. We'd like to thank you.
  • Did you know this about {{leads_interest}}?
  • Don't buy this from Amazon!
  • Thoughts about [title of their blog post].
  • If You Can [blank] You Can [desired result]
  • Would you like to try {{yourcompanyname}} for free?
  • Refinery29: 10 bizarre money habits making Millennials richer
  • [Case Study] Numbers don't lie
  • Move Loot: Seat Your Heart Out
  • Still doing it the old way?
  • How to Build an Unstoppable Business (2nd Edition)
  • Have you changed your mind about {{yourcompanyname}}?
  • Travelocity: Need a day at the beach? Just scratch n' sniff your way to paradise...
  • A terrific tool to help you with {{leadspainpoint}}
  • UrbanDaddy: You've Changed
  • {{leads_name}}, will we meet this week?
  • ... this failed miserably
  • {{leads_name}}, are you open to a 15-min call this week?
  • Whoops...
  • Fabletics: Your Butt Will Look Great in These Workout Pants
  • Join [impressive number] of Your Peers that [take desired action]
  • A chance to present your products/services at our
  • Disappointed with {{leadspainpoint}}?
  • Don’t miss the X event!
  • The X% profit in Y months
  • WARNING Only 178 Tickets left...
  • MAJOR announcement! (big changes at [your company])
  • The unique opportunity to create X together!
  • How to get paid [Literally]
  • Exchange ideas with fellow X at Y!
  • Have you considered [thought / recommendation]?
  • Paid traffic not converting? Download this...
  • Your business can prosper without your sales team
  • Forget everything you know about {{leadspainpoint}}
  • Benefit Cosmetics: Do you like to watch?
  • Searching for a possible collaboration on X
  • How to overcome {{leadspainpoint}}
  • Take X minutes to get started with [blank]... you'll be happy you did!

GUIDE: How To Write A Great Subject Line

As we mentioned above, crafting a catchy subject line is critical to the performance of your email campaign.

While just a few words may seem like a small piece of your overall message, this is the first impression your audience will have before they decide whether to open your email.

If your subject line isn't engaging or appealing enough, there's a chance it could get buried in your reader's inbox.

Let's go over the proven tips on how to craft a subject line that boosts engagement:

What makes a great subject line?

First, let's discuss the fundamentals of creating a great subject line:

  • Spark interest and curiosity
  • A clear and urgent call to action
  • An offer/intriguing discount
  • Personalization (this can be done by sending out different versions of emails to subscribers based on their preferences)
  • Relevance - make sure your subject line covers the current trends and topics within your industry

5 Tips To Crafting a Great Subject Line

Now, let's dive into the specifics of how to create a great subject line for your next campaign:

1. Use a familiar sender name

Although this may seem obvious, it's a piece many marketers miss the ball on.

Your readers want to feel like your email is coming from a human and not a corporation or automated system.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is by changing the sender's name to YOUR name or someone in the company that is well known.

Here's a great example of this from Marketing Examples


Pro Tip

Avoid the "no-reply" sender name at all costs. This makes your email feel unfamiliar, unapproachable, and less personable.

2. Keep your subject short and to the point

If your subject line is too long, it will get cut off, which could impact your reader's chances of opening your email.

The rule of thumb (for both mobile and desktop) is to keep your subject line under 50 characters.

3. Add personal touches to your subject line

If you have access to information about your subscriber (ie. name, location, etc), you can use this to benefit your subject line and catch your readers attention.

It's important not to go overboard here, but adding even the simplest touch such as their name can build trust and rapport.

Here's a great example of a personalized email + offer I received from BarkBox with my dog's name in the subject line:


4. Avoid making any false promises

Your subject line makes a commitment to your reader, so it's important you don't stretch the truth just to simply get more opens and clicks.

In the grand scheme of things, making false promises will end up hurting your open rate as your readers will lose trust in you.

5. Give them a sneak peek of what's inside

Telling your subscriber what is inside helps with open and clicks.

For example, if you're providing your reader with a free guide or e-book, consider making your subject line something along the lines of:

"Your FREE marketing e-book awaits!"


If you want your email campaign to perform well, it all starts with your subject line.

Think about the emails you receive in your inbox and what makes you click vs what gets buried - odds are, the same habits go for your customer.

We hope you enjoyed our guide + list of 172+ best partnership email subject lines [2024].

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