Create Videos That Tell Your Brand's Story: A Guide

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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What Is Brand Story Videos?

Brand story video is one of the best ways to tell your clients and prospects about your brand ** & **promote products or services.

To achieve its objective, the brand story should be eye-catching. Catchy video creates a buzz around your brand and increases client awareness.

In this post, we explain how a brand video works and why it is important when it comes to marketing your brand.

Brand Story Video Key Takeaways

How Brand Story Video Works

A brand story is a cohesive narrative covering important facts and feelings created by a brand.

Brand story video is marketing content created by a brand intending to share brand values without promoting or advertising the brand or products directly.

Ideally, the brand video aims to create brand credibility and trust by revealing to the audience what happens behind the scenes.

Consider that video format allows brands to package the brand story in an engaging way. Besides, video content grabs more people’s attention than generic text.

Moreover, videos engage viewers, and get up to 1200% more shares compared to text and still images.

Therefore, if made right, brand story videos can take information and make it easier to interpret within a short time.

Brand Video Best Practices

To drive connections through video storytelling, follow these best practices.

1. Focus On the Big-Picture Themes

To compete effectively, brands are moving from product-focused videos to videos that tell bigger brand stories.

Therefore, your brand story video needs not be about your products, but instead, what you are doing for your target audience.

Look beyond the basics and cover more about why your organization exists, and what solutions cover the customer’s pain points.

For instance, if you focus on green energy, the video message needs to focus on saving the earth and fighting climate change.

Delivering inspiring messages gets people hooked to the video, and attracts sharing.

2. Build The Video Narrative Around Emotion

If you look at the marketing videos created today, you will realize that there is a huge trend towards emotional content.

The idea is to play with people's emotions, and eventually lock them in!

Emotional marketing content compels action, and they are almost twice as effective compared to rational content.

Therefore, when creating a video brand story start with a clear definition of what you want the audience to feel, and walk away with.

3. Use Humor To Engage Your Audience

Humor from B2B brands can be rare, but it is incredibly effective especially when telling the brand story.

Remember that your intention is to market to people.

Therefore, making them laugh, ensures your video content is memorable and creates an association with your brand.

4. Get Creative With Video Storytelling

Define the main message you intend to convey and then identify unusual ways you could convey the brand message.

Surprise your target audience with new ideas, and you will more likely attract sharing.

5. Keep It Short and Snappy

When it comes to brand stories, do not fall into the trap of thinking longer is better.

Shorter stories can just be as compelling as long stories.

Remember that short and snappy video content tends to hold viewers' attention from start to end.

Real-World Examples Of Brand Story Video

Here are cool examples of effective brand storytelling via video.

1. How B&W Trailer Hitches Uses Video To Tell a Compelling Brand Story

B&W Trailer Hitches is a towing products company in the US.

The brand wanted to tell stories of people who live and breathe the essence of their brand.

In their effort of showing what their brand is made of, they created a series of video content.

"Waterman" was among the brand's series of video storytelling and aimed at building brand awareness and affinity.

The video features a person who is doing something extraordinary and living out their dream.

The series of videos by the brand showed that the brand understood the lifestyle of its target audience and what inspired them.

2. How Under Armour Tells Brand Story Through Inspirational Videos

Under Armour is a popular sportswear brand known for its innovative video campaigns.

The brand wanted to tell its audience what it is made of, through a series of videos.

Under Armour released a series of short videos featuring athletes and celebrities. In our example video, “The Will finds A Way”, the brand features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Their video storytelling is delivered effectively, as they highlight motivational messages from sportsmen.

The story videos do not mention any of their products, but they are simply inspirational and automatically link the brand name to grit and relentless pursuit of your goals.

You too can come up with a compelling brand story in video format.

How to Create a Compelling Brand Video Story

1. Know The Target Audience

The target audience is the ideal customer you want to engage through the brand story video.

Therefore, find out who your best customers are so that you can create a compelling story.

Otherwise, a video that is created without first defining the audience, may not achieve the purpose.

2. Make a Plan

When getting started with video, you need a proper plan in place.

Therefore, define the video objectively, and put together a unique plan.

Here is a video marketing guide for your Inspiration.

3. Tell Stories People Want to Listen to

An interesting brand story will attract sharing.

Here are important tips on how to create videos that are likely to get shared on social media.

4. Match Video content To Brand Voice

You are creating a branding video! Therefore, you have to keep your branding elements aligned, and appropriately.

It makes sense if you featured brand colors and logos in your video content. That way, you can be sure your audience will recognize your video easily.

5. Share Brand Story Videos On Social Media

Sharing videos on social media increases reach.

This is because over 4 billion people in the world, use social media.

Therefore, a huge percentage of your target audience is using social media.

That means your video could go viral overnight, so long as it is catchy.


As with everything In life, building a brand could take time and effort.

Spend some of that time and effort creating a brand story, and tell it via video.

A well-done brand story can accelerate growth, and put you in front of the relevant audience.

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