100 Creative Boat Instagram Captions & Quotes

Updated: January 19th, 2023

100 Creative Boat Instagram Captions & Quotes

Summer is finally here, which means it's time to hop on a boat and get out on the water. Boating is always a fun time. Whether you’re with friends or family, being on a boat lets you take full advantage of summertime. The water is so blue and the sky so big, you feel like you’re on another planet.

Planning a trip to the lake this weekend? Don't forget to take advantage of your time on the water and get some great Instagram pics. However, if you're stumped on what to caption that picture of you and your friends riding the waves, try one of these catchy boating captions provided in this article for your Instagram post.

Instagram captions have the power to offer even more insight to the post, potentially boosting engagement, bio visits, and click-throughs.

In this article, we've provided you with 100 Instagram caption ideas for Boating. Additionally, we walk you through the 5 easy-to-follow tips on how to create a great Instagram caption.

Here they are:

Unique Boat Instagram Captions

  • Float your boat
  • Good health, good life, good boat.
  • A boat in harbor is safe, but that is not what boats are built for.
  • Are you really loving life if you're not on a boat?
  • We’re on a boat!
  • Life is better on a boat.
  • Don't get salty, go boating
  • Life is simple: Eat sleep boat repeat.
  • Gone cruising.
  • Under the sea there be a chill vibe.
  • Happy days and salt water.
  • Serenity now ☀
  • Calm seas never made a skillful sailor.
  • Let the sea set you free
  • It always feels better on a boat.
  • It's A Nice Day For A White Boat!
  • Life is better when you’re sailing.
  • When in doubt, paddle out.
  • Life is better on the water.
  • If you need me, I'll be on the boat
  • Life is better when you're by the sea.
  • I hope your day is as beautiful as your boat.
  • Life's a beach, then you boat 🚤
  • The best memories are made on the water.
  • Born to be on the water, Forever Learning.

Inspiring Boat Instagram Captions

  • I wanted freedom, open air, and adventure. I found it on the sea
  • A bad day on the water is better than a good day anywhere else.
  • Let your dreams set sail.
  • Be an anchor in a world of waves
  • Where there’s a wave, there’s a way.
  • Good vibes happen on the tides.
  • You will never regret investing in adventures
  • When life gets complicated I go boating.
  • Worry less, paddle more
  • Always take the sea-nic route
  • Sailing takes me away to where I've always heard it could be.
  • It’s time to set sail and enjoy the ocean breeze.
  • Let the sea set you free
  • I'm happy in a boat, even when it's rocking.
  • Boating: because friends don't let friends drink on the dock.
  • Cruising into the weekend like...
  • All I need is some Vitamin Sea.
  • If you can't feel the wind in your hair, are you really sailing?
  • Every summer has a story. Some are epic, like this one.
  • I don't say I'm in love, I say I'm offshore.
  • I don’t need therapy, I just need a boat
  • Boat hair, don’t care.
  • The goal is not to sail the boat, but rather to help the boat sail herself.
  • Ahoy, mateys!
  • Anchoring myself with a day on the boat

Funny Boat Instagram Captions

  • If you're having boat problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a boat ain't one
  • No matter what, I will always be there for you, usually in a boat.
  • Every time I step on a boat, my mind wanders back to the beginning of time, when the first two humans took to the water.
  • They say you row your boat with your hands, but really it's the coffee.
  • Row, row, row your boat. Gently... don't rock the boat.
  • This boating thing is almost as easy as it looks. Almost
  • Whatever floats your boat
  • It's boat o'clock somewhere
  • I'm just a boat, dear.
  • Slow down. Calm down. Don't worry. Don't hurry. Trust the process #boatingday
  • It’s out there at sea that you’re really yourself
  • At sea, I learned how little a person needs, which is not much
  • Raise your hand if you're ready to sail away into the sunset on a boat. 🙋🏼‍♀️🌊
  • Catch up on your Zs on the water.
  • My idea of a good day is to go out and get a suntan.
  • My goal is to create a life I don’t need a vacation from.
  • You gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.
  • We have a boat! 👍🏼
  • If the sea is a woman, then she's certainly a mermaid.
  • The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever. 😎
  • Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.
  • if you're not barefoot then you're over dressed.
  • Boating: because it's hard to be depressed when you're moving ⛵
  • My happiest moments are spent on a boat 🛥
  • Rowing into the weekend like...

Cute Boat Instagram Captions

  • Let’s sail away into forever
  • You, me and the sea.
  • Ferry impressive.
  • Home is wherever the anchor drops.
  • Boats, like whiskey, are all good.
  • Some would say that I’m an aqua-holic.
  • I don’t need therapy, I just need a boat.
  • Shells sink, dreams float. Life’s good on our boat.
  • Boat days like these are what summer dreams are made of.
  • I’ve always wanted to sail around the world in a handmade boat, and I built a boat.
  • I like big boats and I cannot lie.
  • The sea finds out everything you did wrong.
  • Find your flow, and row, row, row.
  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a boat.
  • Our life is like a boat than can float. Row and Go! Some Blink and Sink!!
  • I don't know what kind of boat this is, but it's a real cutty! 🎣⛵
  • My boat has a name, it's called "My Boat"
  • Messy buns and boat days.
  • There are only two seasons: boat days and not boat days.
  • There are no lazy days on boat days.
  • As the waves crash and the sunsets, we feel alive 💗
  • Far from the shore, a little closer to heaven.
  • Just a little bit of paradise 🌴
  • We know a guy who loves boat days. Do you want to see?
  • Boat days, sunshine and good vibes.

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5 Tips For Creating A Great Instagram Caption

1. Write several drafts first

Make at least three different Instagram caption drafts.

This will allow you to edit, proofread, and compare your captions side by side to see which one has the most effect.

Your first draft will almost never be selected as the best option, which is why you should set aside enough time to write several.

2. Front-load the most important information

The 2,200-characters limit for Instagram captions is mostly a formality. However, it's worth noting that ig captions are cut off in users’ feeds to around 140 characters.

This doesn't mean you must make your insta captions extremely short so people can see everything without clicking "more."

Instead, frontload your captions with the most important sentence or calls-to-action, and save any @mentions, hashtags, or other unimportant information for the end.


3. Include a strong call to action

The most effective way to maximize the possibility for your Instagram post to get shared and improve engagement is to include a call to action in the captions.

Instead of passively scrolling through, you should use action verbs to encourage people to take action.

Here are some exåmples:

  • Visit the link in bio to learn more
  • Share your experience in the comments
  • Enter by liking this photo and signing up for our monthly newsletter


4. Limit yourself to 3-4 hashtags

A hashtag on Instagram works the same way it does on Twitter and Facebook: it unites the conversations of many users into a single stream.

Anyone who searches for that hashtag on Instagram may see your Insta post if your account is public.

However, you should use hashtags sparingly. As a means to get more followers, some Instagram users add a string of searchable hashtags.

Too many hashtags can come off spammy to your existing followers. Limit yourself to three or four hashtags at most.


5. Use emojis and have fun with them.

Add some emojis to spice up your insta captions and make them more appealing.

Emojis added at the end of sentences or paragraphs may act as "bookends," visually breaking up long strings of text.

You can also use emojis to encourage readers to take action, such as clicking the link in the bio.

If you're going to use emojis, make sure they match your tone of voice and identity. You don't want to use too many emojis at once, particularly in the same caption.


Final Thoughts

Good Instagram captions take your content to new heights.

Remember not to rush your copywriting and to evaluate the success of your efforts so that you can use objective benchmarks to figure out what works.

Your content will go far if you combine a beautiful photo with a great Instagram caption.

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