50 Inspirational Bill Marriott Quotes [2024] CEO Of Marriott International

Updated: January 20th, 2022

Bill Marriott is a famous American billionaire businessman.

He is the Executive Chairman & Chairman of the Board of Marriott International, an American multinational company that operates franchises, and licenses lodging.

Marriott is involved in various boards and councils like The U.S. Travel and Tourism Promotional Advisory Board, The executive committee of the World Travel and Tourism Council, The National Business Council, The board of trustees of the National Urban League.

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50 Inspirational Bill Marriott Quotes [2024] CEO Of Marriott International

List of Inspiring Bill Marriott Quotes

I would listen to her soft voice and wonder if, somewhere deep inside, she was screaming, too.

How do we make the Lord's ways our ways? I believe we begin by learning of Him and praying for understanding.

A wise man ought always to follow the paths beaten by great men, and to imitate those who have been supreme, so that if his ability does not equal theirs, at least it will savour of it.

My first memory is of the smell of sunwarmed earth.

Our small acts of faith and service are how most of us can continue in God and eventually bring eternal light and glory to our family, our friends, and our associates.

Great companies are built by people who never stop thinking about ways to improve the business.

Motivate them, train them, care about them and make winners out of them. We know if we treat our employees right, they'll treat the customers right. And if customers are treated right, they'll come back.

When we decide to embark in the service of God, great things begin to happen in our life and the lives of people around us. We learn of Him. We come unto Him.

And he will kiss me again, I thought, almost dizzy at the wonder of it. He will kiss me a thousand times more, and in a thousand ways.

They say it's always darkest before the dawn and it was pitch black by the time I arrived at the Marriott. However I still had a few bullets left for my deadbeat uncle that tried to stab me in the back.

It's the little things that make the big things possible. Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.

It's a swell theory," I said. "Marriott socked me, took the money, then he got sorry and beat his brains out, after first burying the money under a bush.

A man should keep on being constructive, and do constructive things. He should take part in the things that go on in this wonderful world. He should be someone to be reckoned with. He should live life and make every day count, to the very end. Sometimes it's tough. But that's what I'm going to do.

I reached the stage where I was afraid to wiggle my leg, but then I thought 'why shouldn't I?' It's what I do and now I know how to turn an audience on again.

Success is a combination of many things, but a good character is the foundation of the kind of success that will bring you real happiness. Choose your friends wisely-they will make or break you.

Better naked and alive than decent and dead, I thought.

I was referred to Mike Jones from the concierge at a Marriott hotel when I asked for a masseur.

Unless you're honest, you won't know that the love is true. It's easy to say I love you, much harder to say I'd never lie to you.

View the problem as an opportunity to grow.

Eliminate the cause of a mistake. Don't just clean it up.

Those who by valorous ways become princes ... acquire a principality with difficulty, but they keep it with ease.

Our greatest warriors,' Terayama-san said, 'believe that they are already dead. They live as if their lives are over, and so fighting holds no terror for them.' A Suda-san looked gravely at him. 'That, Terayama-san, is one of the saddest things I have ever heard.

Laughing, the man replied, "I've been following you, you've been following the pilgrims in front of you, and they've been following in the footsteps of a million more pilgrims before them.

Communicate. Listen to your customers, associates and competitors.

I keep trying to tell people that Los Angeles is already the largest Indian city in the U.S., that there are Toltecs playing Little League baseball in Pasadena, Mayans making beds at the Marriott in Westwood, and Chichimecs driving buses in L.A. Los Angeles is a majority-Indian city.

I don't have a crazy rider clause saying I have to stay at fancy hotels. I don't have a problem with staying at a Marriott. But I will admit that I've gotten just basic, regular service there.

You see, that is why it is so easy to fool people with our illusions, Yue. In this world, illusions are usually much kinder than the truth.

We owe America something because they turned us into a touring band. But at least we feel confident about appearing in Britain again now. Hyde park was the first time over here for ages.

It's more important to hire people with the right qualities than with specific experience.

All humans are made, in essence, of starstuff, and I sometimes wonder if the starstuff still calls out to us.

Couldn't a woman be happy doing a great many things, just as a man could?

See and be seen. Get out of your office, walk around, make yourself visible and accessible.

A general rule is drawn which never or rarely fails: that he who is the cause of another becoming powerful is ruined; because that pre-dominancy has been brought about either by astuteness or else by force, and both are distrusted by him who has been raised to power.

Do it and do it now. Err on the side of taking action

Why does it hurt so much? Why does it have to hurt?

I've felt that dissatisfaction is the basis of progress. When we become satisfied in business, we become obsolete.

Everyone of you right now is valuable and essential ..

If one is on the spot, disorders are seen as they spring up, and one can quickly remedy them; but if one is not at hand, they are heard of only when they are great, and then one can no longer remedy them.

I am so angry all the time, and so sad, and it screams inside me and never stops. Cutting is the only thing that eases me.

I never knew my mother's name.

Take care of your people and they will take care of your customers.

10 years is nature's 9 months for business babies.

People who got on their feet and freaked about were called idiot dancers. and nobody wants to be called an idiot dancer. But the whole idea of rock and roll is to get people off their arses - that's what it's about.

Trusting anyone can get you killed.

Celebrate your people's success, not your own.

How much easier life was once you learned how to lie. I had gotten into trouble by speaking out of turn, arguing and answering back so many times. Not anymore. Now I would do what I wanted, and no one would stop me.

It is not like that. I am not punishing myself. The cutting makes me feel better.

The Small Faces was such a different band than the Faces. I know three of us are the same, but when you take Steve Marriott out, it's a very different band.

I thought then that you were the bravest girl I'd ever met, and nothing that's happened since has changed my mind.

I just take dictation for the voices in my head.

Take good care of your employees, and they'll take good care of your customers, and the customers will come back.

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