15+ Amazing Shoe Blogs You Should Be Following In 2024

Updated: January 20th, 2022

The shoe industry is constantly evolving. And so are the trends.

There are many blogs that have a great collection of shoes and tips, but the following are some of the best among the competition.

All of the following blogs have unique and different aspects to their content. They even have news of upcoming trends happening as well.

Here are 15 of the best shoe blogs to follow in 2021

1. Sneaker News

Sneaker News was created in 2006 to provide a catalogue for all the comfort seekers out there. It has all the newest relevant news about the world of footwear. Since 2006, it has managed to become the top hub for sneaker fans and information about upcoming products and their release dates.


2. The Shoe Snob Blog

Not only do you get to see a wide variety of party-wear heels collection, with Shoe Snob Blog, you get amazing styling ideas too. There is a section that has affordable versions of many designer wear making it accessible to many folks who are watching their pockets.


3. Shoe-Tease

This blog is relatively fresh and modern in its take on shoe blogging. They have high-end fashion trends listed, but they are usually affordable. They even come with amazing self-styling tips and fashion tidbits to give you the confidence to wear them in panache.


4. Sole Collector

Sole Collector has the latest shoe news, especially about the latest trendy sneakers, their release dates, and performance reviews. There are some sections which can give accurate estimates of the resale prices. It is also neck-to-neck with Sneaker News in databases of everything about sneakers.


5. Running Shoes Guru

This blog is unique in the sense that the owners actually buy and test the running shoes before reviewing the pros and cons of many different shoes. They also pride themselves in the fact that they review 150 shoes per year. They are known for being unbiased and independent in their reviews of running shoes and some other related gear.


6. A Girl’s Guide to Shoes

This one is a little on the higher price end: the blog usually features high-end heels which are designer pieces. However, anyone can just scroll and drool over them just to comfort themselves. They have a sidebar which slides to whichever shoe your heart most desires.


7. Shoegazing

It is a blog about classic quality shoes, which are made with traditional methods. They have extensive archives about shoe health and means to extend their warranties, shopping tips, guides, reviews and much more.


8. Guido Maggi

GuidoMaggi is an Italian blogging website where you can see and even purchase quality Italian elevator shoes. Their unique style makes them trendsetters, and handmade leather means that the shoes are going to give off the chic formal look you want.


9. Shoerazzi

Led by Ashley, a world-renowned fashion blogger runs this fashion footwear catalogue about which celebrity is fond of which designer shoes and many other hot topics in the fashion world. Her taste is one-of-a-kind and definitely deserves a look.


10. Shoewawa

Next on the list is Shoewawa, a blog which has high street fashion pairs in comparison with the designer pieces to see which ones look just fashionable but have no durability, etc.

These comparison posts are good for all kinds of buyers: those who want to actually wear designer wear as well as for those who just want to look good with designer-looking pairs.

They also have a separate section on ugly shoes, and it is refreshing to see them ripping them apart in their reviews.


11. Penny Pincher Fashion

This personal blog puts their own spin on fashion while maintaining a fair balance between expensive shoes and budget-friendly one. They also have a segment for shoes if you have less than $100 (roughly £75).


12. I Have This Thing With Floors

With only an Instagram profile presence, this shoe-curator has garnered a million followers over a small span of time. Even though it is not an exclusive shoe blog, it does feature many trendy shoes and heels that are making the waves.

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13. FootwearPlus Magazine

The blog follows a traditional magazine publication style and has everything about the manufacturers to retailers, new and hip styles, performance and comfort shoes and creating a database for all the hip footwear styles over the years.


14. Lord’s Shoes

The blog has one mission only: women deserve the best shoes and boots which can make their feet beautiful and trendy Lord's Shoes have been around since 1930, so they know a thing or two about footwear fashion.


15. Hello Hannah

Hello Hannah has a distinct, laid-back Californian vibe to it, and it pays off when the blog explores lifestyle choices and ways to accessorize the shoes it features.

The blog is still managed by Hannah, a single curator, and she often gives advice about how she feels certain styles should go.



Whether your style is more trendy or you just want to chill out with a pair of sneakers, following these blogs will make you comfortable, stylish and comfortable with the style you prefer.

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