16 Best Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers [2023 Edition]

Updated: January 19th, 2023

If you're considering starting a business, a critical piece will be to find the best wholesale supplier or manufacturer for your dropshipping business.

After interviewing thousands of founders, we've identified that finding a manufacturer online for your dropshipping business is one of the most difficult parts to starting a business, and often times, where entrepreneurs find themselves hitting a brick wall.

The main reason for this is that there are so many options out there and finding the best wholesale supplier, manufacturer or distributer for your dropshipping business can be a challenge.

In this post, we've found and vetted the best wholesale suppliers and manufacturers for your dropshipping business to simplify the outreach process for you.

Additionally, we provide you with each wholesale supplier and manufacturers:

  • Location
  • Number of Employees
  • Annual Revenue
  • Year Established

At the end of this article, we provide you with the top sourcing and outreach tips when looking for your wholesale supplier.

Top Suppliers And Manufacturers For Your Dropshipping Business

As promised, we've vetted the 16 best wholesale dropshipping suppliers [2023 edition].

Here they are:

#1: AxleHire

AxleHire provides driver supply and logistics for the last mile economy, engaging drivers and affording customers instant logistics scalability.


Learn more at their website ➜

#2: TransPak

70 years industry expertise. TransPak is global leader in crating, packaging, logistics & design. Lower costs, reduce cycle time, speed product to market.

  • Employees: 1000
  • Year Founded: 1952


Learn more at their website ➜

#3: Baker Industries

Baker Industries is a nonprofit workforce development program serving hard-to-employ adults as your partner in reliable, cost effective outsourced labor solutions including Packaging, Assembly, Kitting, Shrink-Wrapping and Mailing.

  • Year Founded: 1980

Learn more at their website ➜

#4: Mikropor America, Inc.


Learn more at their website ➜

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#6: Knurr USA - an Emerson Brand

Reslient supply chain operations solutions that boost flexibility, reduces cost, and reduces offshore IP risk. Work with the Last Mile Manufacturing experts.

  • Location: California
  • Country: United States
  • Employees: 100
  • Year Founded: 1988

Learn more at their website ➜

#7: Haven Place USA Inc

Learn more at their website ➜

#8: Montana Global Health

  • Year Founded: 2019


Learn more at their website ➜

#9: Stratus Industries

Custom woodworking, wood contract manufacturing, CNC routing, CNC milling, laser cutting, laser etching, laser engraving, parts fabrication, product assembly, shipping, custom kitting, order fulfillment, warehousing. MDF, acrylic, HDPE, ABS. Milwaukee, WI.

  • Location: Wisconsin
  • Country: United States
  • Employees: 10
  • Year Founded: 2012


Learn more at their website ➜

#10: U.S. Continental

At U.S. Continental Packaging, we specialize in private contract packaging, turnkey formulas, solutions, and advanced distribution. Read about our services.

  • Location: California
  • Country: United States
  • Employees: 200
  • Year Founded: 1980

Learn more at their website ➜

#11: Powers Freight Express


Learn more at their website ➜

#12: Blue Ox Freight

A private Minnesota asset based logistics company. Family Owned & Operated. Full truck load, LTL, and warehousing services.


Learn more at their website ➜

#13: Shares Inc.

It is the philosophy of Shares, Inc. that all persons with disabilities are entitled to the same opportunities to continue their growth and maximize that individual potential as all persons are afforded in society.

  • Employees: 200
  • Year Founded: 1976

Learn more at their website ➜

#14: Dusella Logistics

Learn more at their website ➜

#15: Daily 3PL & Fulfillment

Interested in 3PL Fulfillment? Contact us now at 1-888-777-1660 or [email protected] Available 8am - 8pm PST Get Started A 3PL partner who takes care of business. Request a quote Daily Fulfillment is your 3rd-Party Logistics partner to help you connect with your buyers. We offer fast, reliable, and affordable fulfillment services with data-enabled logistics and…

  • Employees: 10

Learn more at their website ➜

#16: Industrial Sewing Contractor North Carolina, Custom Medical Products, Commercial Sewing, Dry Food Blending and Packaging

MARC is your Number One Choice for Commercial sewing, Military sewing and Medical Sewing Contractors! Our high standards for quality and reliability with the "goal of total customer satisfaction" set us apart from other manufacturers in the commercial sewing industry.

  • Employees: 1000
  • Year Founded: 1976


Learn more at their website ➜

#17: Mailmen, Inc.

  • Employees: 200
  • Year Founded: 1973

Learn more at their website ➜

Database Of Top 18 Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers For Your Dropshipping Business

Below we put together a summary of the top 18 wholesale suppliers and manufacturers for your dropshipping business.

# Name Location Year Est.
1 AxleHire
2 TransPak 1952
3 Baker Industries 1980
4 Mikropor America, Inc.
5 Knurr USA - an Emerson Brand California 1988
6 Haven Place USA Inc
7 Montana Global Health 2019
8 Stratus Industries Wisconsin 2012
9 U.S. Continental California 1980
10 Powers Freight Express
11 Blue Ox Freight
12 Shares Inc. 1976
13 Dusella Logistics
14 Daily 3PL & Fulfillment
15 Industrial Sewing Contractor North Carolina, Custom Medical Products, Commercial Sewing, Dry Food Blending and Packaging 1976
16 Mailmen, Inc. 1973

Guide: How To Find A Manufacturer And Supplier For Your Dropshipping Business

Before you reach out to suppliers and manufacturers for your dropshipping business, it's important that you are fully prepared and have done your due diligence.

We've outlined a few tips to help give you a better understanding of what you. may be looking for, which will make your outreach process much more seamless.

Tips For Finding A Supplier And Manufacturer For Your Dropshipping Business

Know Your Product Idea Inside And Out

One critical step to finding the right supplier is having an initial idea of what your design/product will look like.

Sketching is one of the most simple ways to get started in the design phase.

What's great about sketching is that you can practically do this anytime, anywhere - even on the back of a napkin.

To get started, all you need to do is pick up a pen and paper and start drawing - or if you are working on a virtual/software product this can be a diagram that outlines the user interface or experience.

Decide what type of supplier you want

You'll want to identify the type of supplier you are looking for.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself prior to searching for a supplier

  • Are you looking for a manufacturer to produce your product idea?
  • Do you want to find a supplier that can simply purchase existing products for you?
  • Do you want a drop-shipper to supply and fulfill orders?
  • Do you want a domestic supplier or an overseas supplier? Read more about the pros and cons of each here

How To Reach Out To Suppliers For Your Dropshipping Business

Once you've found one or multiple suppliers, your next step will be to approach them.

Crafting the right message with the necessary details can help your chances of receiving a response with all the information you need.

Here are a few important questions to consider asking in your message:

  • What is your minimum order quantity?
  • What is your turnaround time?
  • What are your payment terms?
  • What is your sample pricing?
  • What is your production pricing?

Suppliers are bombarded with hundreds of requests every day, the majority of people simply shopping around to get the best quote. It's common for suppliers to take their time responding or not respond at all if they feel the request or message isn't legitimate or worth their time.

To avoid this happening, keep your message clear, concise and high level. You can always go into more detail in the second or third email with the supplier.

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