8 Ways To Make Money In San Francisco [2022]

8 Ways To Make Money In San Francisco [2022]

Did you know that San Francisco is the #1 money-making city in the world? It has companies like Facebook, Salesforce, Uber, Apple, and Google. Therefore, there is no doubt how it stands so tall and high in the money-making department.

Even the average salaries of the city have risen by 31% and 88% since 2014. With such competitive rates, it may be challenging to find high-paying jobs. But do not fret! A side hustle is a great way to make money San Francisco people can earn benefits from.

How Making Extra Money In SF Can Be Helpful

Making money with your permanent job is not always easy. Going for that 9-5 job every day like a routine can get monotonous. Moreover, you have only one source of income which leaves you with no choice but to keep doing what you do. However, a city like San Francisco needs more than what you regularly earn to have a good life and a settled future.

A side hustle can help San Francisco earn extra and make way to various other benefits like those mentioned below.

  • Pay off your debt: Debt payment makes the strongest motivation to make extra money on the side. Although you may earn good money out of your regular job, it may not always be enough to live the life of your dreams. Debts take up a massive lot of your salary. And the extra income can help solve that significantly.

  • Save for retirement: When you are old enough to be retired from your job, often people find themselves in a place where they might have to look for options to work again. This becomes necessary because you may not have saved enough earlier. With the extra income, savings for retirement become easier.

  • College Fund: College fees can be challenging to pay when you don't earn enough. Moreover, saving for your kids' education can hamper your present expenses. Therefore, it is essential to earn extra, which will help you keep more for your kids' college fees.

Here are some of the easy ways to make money in San Francisco. Read through each and maybe use some of the feasible ways to earn some extra cash.

How to Make Money in San Francisco

Earning extra money in San Francisco need not necessarily be difficult. Here are some easy ways to make money in San Francisco that will enable you to reap benefits like the ones mentioned in the previous section.

1. Get into Pet Care

It is one of the most popular side hustles. And it is extremely easy as long as you are good with dogs. You can get out of your house as you walk the dogs, and you get to meet many new people in the local dog park.

So, as you earn extra bucks, you won't even feel like working with this side hustle, and you also make reasonable additional sums of money.

Potential: Earn up to $16/hour!

Benefit: You get to spend some time outside, explore, and have fun while earning money!

2. Stop Deleting Your Emails

Did you know that deleting your email comes at a cost? Yes, that is right! Therefore, you could use a tool to get money back when purchasing anything online. Such tools allow you to register for free and scan your email for any receipts.

When they notice that you've purchased from one of its monitored retailers, you get a refund when the price of the item you've brought drops in the market. Interesting, isn't it?

Potential: Depends on the kind of purchases you make.

Benefit: Your online shopping habit can finally become profitable.

3. Earn Money By Getting Fit

San Francisco is known to be one of the healthiest cities in the USA. If you agree with this category, listen to this good news. You can earn by losing weight. You have internet tools that allow you to define a goal weight and a time frame to achieve your goal.

Accordingly, you can place a bet on yourself between $20-$500 and let the tool determine your reward as you travel the course of achieving your goal.

Potential:: Earn anywhere between $20 to $500 per month!

Benefit:: What’s better than getting paid to take care of yourself?

4. Invest in Real Estate

Investments are a great way to make some extra money. Moreover, it depends on the type of investment you make that determines the number of returns you can expect. Real estate is a great way to make investments with high profits. However, you need good knowledge of the real estate market to step into it.

Different real estate investing platforms allow you to invest amounts as small as $500 right from the comfort of your home. You can check where you are investing and invest according to your preferences.

Potential:: Depends on the market and how much you invest, but you’re guaranteed a profit!

Benefit:: You’ll be diversifying your income without getting off your couch!

5. Start a Niche Blog

This one is an excellent way of involving in a side hustle that opens the way to your creativity. You can start a blog on the niche that interests you the most. It can be literature, parenting, photography, fashion, food, and so on.

Blogging is specially meant for people who have a knack for creativity and like sharing their thoughts and experiences with the masses. Furthermore, you can even review products in your blogs that you may have recently purchased and help your readers decide if they would like to buy one as well.

Potential:: Depends on the advertisers you get!

Benefit:: You’ll be profiting from doing what you love!

6. Get Paid To Unplug Your Devices

The avenues to make money are unlimited these days. You can make money doing anything, even unplugging your toaster! An app called Ohmconnect will pay you to unplug your devices when they’re not in use. It pays you based on the amount of electricity you save. If you pay attention to Ohm Hours, then you can earn a lot more than you expect!

Potential:: Earn Up to $400 per month!

Benefit:: You’re doing your bit for the environment and still making money!

7. Rent Out Your Room Or Apartment

If you've got some extra space around the house, you can rent it out on sites like Airbnb! Even if you don't, you can make some extra cash when you go on holiday by letting out your home to tourists and locals alike. You get to decide the hours, clients, dates, and even your pay! Doesn't that sound great?

Potential:: It depends entirely on what you price your space and how often you can rent it out!

Benefit:You can make some extra cash even when you’re on holiday!

8. Rent Your Car

It isn't just your room or home that you can rent out, but also your car! Apps like GetAround let you rent out your car when you're not using it. It's people like your neighbors who will be taking it for a spin, and don't worry, the company insures it!

Potential: Anywhere between $5 to $10 per hour

Benefit:Your car can make you money instead of sitting uselessly in the driveway!

Final Words

San Francisco is a place where you would find many rich people. However, they are rich for a reason. Most people earn big from their jobs and have side hustles to make extra income to help themselves save more.

Moreover, considering the high costs of living in a city like San Francisco, you need to look for ways to pay your debts, bills, college fund, etc. Regardless of how much you may earn from your regular jobs, the expenses just keep increasing.

Like every other city, San Francisco has its as well. However, it is still the #1 city of opportunities. So, as the side hustles mentioned in this blog, you could try many other options. Just conduct research, find your comfortable points, and apply for the job you feel is right. There are many ways to make money San Francisco people are already reaping their benefits from!

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