11 Best Twitter Accounts To Follow For Finance [2022]

11 Best Twitter Accounts To Follow For Finance [2022]

Looking for some guidance on what content you should be tweeting, or who you should be following in your niche?

We’ve rounded up 11 of today’s best finance Twitter accounts below.

These accounts are the most informative, relevant, and engaging accounts on Twitter in 2021.

Here they are:

1. Matt Paulson - @MattPaulsonSD

Matt Paulson is the founder and CEO of MarketBeat - a media business that provides real-time analyst ratings, dividend information, earnings results, financials, headlines, insider trades and much more.

About Matt:

  • Matt is the founder of MarketBeat
  • 17.2K followers on Twitter


2. Bespoke Investment Group - @bespokeinvest

In recent years, Bespoke Invest has become one of the go-to resources in the financial space. Their website gives you easy to read reports on the latest trends and their twitter account provides you with short snippets on the financial market analysis you should know in real-time.

Bespoke Investment Group has 150K followers on Twitter.


3. MarketWatch - @MarketWatch

MarketWatch is a website that provides financial information, business news, analysis, and stock market data.

They have over 3 million followers and provide real-time market updates (every minute) to their followers. The platform is especially useful for those experienced in trading and the stock market.

MarketWatch has 4.27M followers on Twitter.


4. Wall Street Oasis - @WallStreetOasis

Wall Street Oasis is a finance community with over 700K+ members and over 5M page views/month. Their services include online forums, courses, talent search, resume review and mentorship.

The company was founded in 2006 by Patrick Curtis and is based in Bay Area CA.

Wall Street Oasis has 11.1K followers on Twitter.


5. Steve Burns - @SJosephBurns

Steve Burns, founder of NewTraderU.com and well-known author has been an active trader for more than 14 years. He tweets about investments that time the market.

His twitter account is filled with trading advice and funny memes on the stock market and shares. People love the account as it's helpful for any experience and is easily relatable.

About Steve:

  • Steve is the founder of New Trader U
  • 368K followers on Twitter


6. Your Money Geek - @yourmoneygeek

Michael Dinich started the personal finance and pop culture blog, Your Money Geek.

Their readers and followers are the people who don't like to read other blogs because they are too 'judgey' or too 'preachy.' They use lots of pop culture references and gamification to make personal finance topics fun and accessible.

Your Money Geek has 1.24K followers on Twitter.


7. IBD Investors - @IBDinvestors

Investor's Business Daily provides leading stockmarket news and analysis, powerful investing products & education to help investors make money in the market.

IBD consistently posts about the latest trades and how to make the most of those investments. They're also a great resource for new traders as they provide them with teaching tools and strategies.

IBD Investors has 272K followers on Twitter.


8. Irusha Peiris - @irusha

Irusha Peiris has had years of experience in the finance and investment sector. He was formerly the host of the very successful "investors" podcast and a lead manager at Market Smith. He's now a portfolio manager at oneilglobal and provides his followers with investment advice and guidance on his twitter account.

About Irusha:


9. StockTwits - @Stocktwits

Stocktwits - a social media platform designed for sharing ideas between investors, traders, and entrepreneurs is one of the largest social networks for finance.

Their tweets are consistent and valuable to the consumer - as they post daily about trending stocks and end of the day trading results.

StockTwits has 957K followers on Twitter.


10. Helene Meisler - @hmeisler

Helene Meisler has worked as a financial analyst for 3+ decades, and now writes a daily column for RealMoney. Although traditional, her financial insights are timeless and spot on. She's well known for posting her hand-drawn stock price charts on Twitter.

About Helene:

  • Helene is the founder of Real Money
  • 108K followers on Twitter


11. David Keller - @DKellerCMT

David Keller, Chief Market Strategist at StockCharts.com is an amazing resource for investors and traders who are just getting familiar with the market.

On his twitter account, he breaks down complicated subjects, trends and charts.

About David:

  • David is the founder of StockCharts
  • **** followers on Twitter


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