11 Best Twitter Accounts Filmmakers Should Follow In 2022

11 Best Twitter Accounts Filmmakers Should Follow In 2022

Breaking into filmmaking can be difficult as an independent artist. It's even more challenging when you're simply trying to make names for yourself, find work, and promote projects that you've worked on.

Twitter is a great way to connect with students, prospective students, alumni, and film fans in a way that might not be possible via other methods. Below is a curated list of Twitter accounts related to filmmaking that I think should be on the radar of film enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Here are 11 Best Twitter accounts filmmakers should follow:

1. New York Film Academy - @NYFA


New York Film Academy has a strong presence on social media. It offers insights to those interested in learning about filmmaking and various other entertainment arts.

This Twitter account shows that social media is not just for promotion, but can also be an avenue for engagement with students and alumni alike.

About New York Film Academy:

  • Jerry Sherlock is the Founder of the New York Film Academy Twitter Account
  • New York Film Academy has 89.5K followers on Twitter

2. Tips For Actors - @Tips4Actors


Tips For Actor's Twitter account is great for both members and non-members.

This Twitter account is best because the account gives tips and tricks on various topics like acting, singing, and dancing, It also gives you ideas on how to improve your skills as an actor.

About Tips For Actors:

  • Fergus Craig is the Founder of Tips For Actor's Twitter Account
  • Tips For Actors has 31.7K followers on Twitter

3. Peter D. Marshall - @bcfilmmaker


Peter D. Marshall is a well-renowned blogger in the online world and has earned so much success that you can say it's almost like he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

He creates wonderful content for his Twitter followers and regularly posts about social media, marketing, and technology.

About Peter D. Marshall:

  • Peter D. Marshall is the Founder of the Peter D. Marshall Twitter Account
  • Peter D. Marshall has 20.2K followers on Twitter

4. Cherien Dabis - @CherienDabis


Cherien Dabis is something of an Omni-talent in the industry. She has proficiency in not only filmmaking but also acting and photography.

She is an excellent writer from Hollywood and you can follow her on her Twitter account, where she tweets about TV shows, movies, and music.

About Cherien Dabis:

  • Cherien Dabis is the Founder of the Cherien Dabis Twitter Account
  • Cherien Dabis has 6,182 followers on Twitter

5. Ondi Timoner - @onditimoner


Ondi Timoner is a filmmaker, activist, and creative artist. She is a true champion of the arts, and worth keeping up with especially if you’re a creator or fan of documentary filmmaking.

Her passion for film is infectious, and that alone earns her a place on the list of Twitter accounts every filmmaker should follow.

About Ondi Timoner:

  • Ondi Timoner is the Founder of the Ondi Timoner Twitter Account
  • Ondi Timoner has 13.1K followers on Twitter

6. Sheri Candler - @shericandler


Sheri Candler literally wrote the book on how to market and sell movies, and as an expert at social media outreach.

Her Twitter feed is a goldmine of info on what to do when it comes to getting your movie out there. Her Twitter account also helps anyone wanting to use social media for their own benefit.

About Sheri Candler:

  • Sheri Candler is the Founder of the Sheri Candler Twitter Account
  • Sheri Candler has 12.1K followers on Twitter

7. Zak Forsman - @zakforsman


Zak Forsman is one of the most influential parts of any filmmaker’s micro-budget distribution strategy.

If you want to get your films into the festival circuit and master the tricky art of distribution and budgeting, then you need to add him to your Twitter follow list.

About Zak Forsman:

  • Zak Forsman is the Founder of Zak Forsman Twitter Account
  • Zak Forsman has 8,037 followers on Twitter

8. KevinSmith - @ThatKevinSmith


Kevin Smith is a man who's been a staple of independent filmmaking for decades and has been equally controversial and loved by critics and audiences.

His Twitter account is a lot like one of his movies; it's always interesting, funny and clever. He’s one of those directors who love keeping things simple so that you can enjoy his work. without getting confused

About KevinSmith:

  • KevinSmith is the Founder of the KevinSmith Twitter Account
  • KevinSmith has 3M followers on Twitter

9. Reed Morano, A.S.C - @reedmorano


Reed Morano is an American cinematographer and film director. Best known for her work in the television series The Handmaid’s Tale, Meadowland, and at Marvel Studios.

It’s important to get your news from credible sources that have your best interest in mind. On Twitter, Reed Morano is one of those trusted sources one can rely on.

About Reed Morano, A.S.C:

  • Reed Morano, A.S.C is the Founder of Reed Morano, A.S.C Twitter Account
  • Reed Morano, A.S.C has 18.4K followers on Twitter.

10. One Perfect Shot - @OnePerfectShot


One Perfect Shot is a visual publishing account that uses social media to share some of the most beautiful photos from around the world.

This is one of the most well-known Twitter accounts on the internet. They don't just tweet random screenshots from their favorite films, instead of talking about them; they use the images to paint a full picture for their audience.

About One Perfect Shot:

  • Geoff Todd is the Founder of the One Perfect Shot Twitter Account
  • One Perfect Shot has 685.7K followers on Twitter

11. Ava DuVernay - @ava


Ava DuVernay is an American filmmaker and television showrunner. She's making it a point to support projects from all different sorts of artists and creatives on a regular basis.

When it comes to equality in Hollywood, she's not afraid to talk about her barriers as a black woman throughout her career — which was blown away when DuVernay took to Twitter with a bold announcement.

About Ava DuVernay:

  • Ava DuVernay is the Founder of the Ava DuVernay Twitter Account
  • Ava DuVernay has 2.7M followers on Twitter

Final Thoughts:

Twitter can be a good resource for filmmakers. You can find helpful accounts to follow and could receive notice of great deals as they come up, with access to reviews of new releases, and gain exposure on the site through your own efforts. In essence, Twitter can help filmmakers market their films to the masses.

Whether you're a filmmaker or just interested in the industry, it only makes sense to follow filmmakers themselves on Twitter. And the accounts listed above are some of the best that you can find. They're entertaining without being self-indulgent, they give insight into how professionals conduct themselves during their careers, and they offer motivation for both novices and professionals alike.

And if you're searching for advice or simply looking to connect with like-minded individuals, these are all sure to be good choices for great Twitter accounts. And for more information take a look at Starterstory.com

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