8 Trendy TikTok Ideas For Fashion Creators [2021]

8 Trendy TikTok Ideas For Fashion Creators [2021]

Once upon a time, people had to wait for their mailman to drop off the monthly fashion magazine to keep up with the latest trends and fads.

However, now, we have the magic of the internet to access this with just a click of a button!

The internet gives everyone a chance to create new fashion trends. And if you are already a fashion fanatic, you may already be well-versed with apps like Pinterest and Instagram.

In recent years, TikTok has been the center stage for all things fashion. From trendy styling advice to DIY tips and tricks, TikTok has something for all its fashionistas.

So if you are already a fashion influencer or someone looking to expand their style, feel free to experiment with the following eight best TikTok ideas to get started!

8 TikTok Ideas For Fashionistas

1. Choose A Specific Item And Style It

One of the most prominent trends that you can see on TikTok is where fashion creators choose one particular item from their closet (for example, a pair of trousers or a beret) and demonstrate the number of ways they can style it.

Moreover, everyday items like trousers or an overcoat are a standard accessory in people’s wardrobes. By doing this, you, as the creator, will be giving people ideas on how they can style their everyday outfits and go from “basic” to “bougie,” which in turn will get you a wider audience.

Denise Mercedes, (3.5 Million TikTok followers), uses the platform to showcase to her followers how a particular fashion style fits on different body sizes.

The video attracted over 5Million engagements and helped her gain additional followers on the platform.


2. Follow A Celebrity’s Style

The next most popular fashion trend on TikTok is to replicate a celebrity’s outfit.

It comes as no surprise that VIPs often wear clothes and style themselves with items from high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, etc. While this might look stunning, the high price point makes it difficult for the average person to replicate.

Therefore, you can replicate an expensive celebrity outfit and style it pocket-friendly items to\ make them more accessible for people.

While doing this trend, make sure you do not get stuck trying to match every item exactly the way it is. Instead, shift your focus to complete the look with whatever you already have and project a high-end vibe.

To do this, you will need to choose a celebrity whose fashion sense is similar to yours.

Judy Gao (1.8M TikTok followers) illustrates to her followers how to make a dress inspired by Kendall`s look at the Met Gala.

You probably are aware that Kendalls appearance at the 2021 Met Gala event, attracted millions of views from fashionistas across the globe.

For Judy Gao, replicating how to design the expensive outfit was a great engagement idea. She got over 1.3 Million engagements from this video alone.


3. Film A Shopping Haul Video

Yet another popular trend is the shopping haul video. These haul videos usually take a long time to film and edit, but thanks to apps like TikTok, you can show off your haul in less than 30 seconds!

You can use unique transitions and quirky captions to show your content on the “For You” page to make them more attractive.

Pro Tip Instead of filming your haul by laying them out on a flat surface, style the clothes by wearing them. This will give your crowd an idea of how the outfit looks while wearing them. Make use of TikTok’s fantastic editing tools to make attractive transitions.

Yulia Yermak (21K TikTok Followers), has been using fashion haul to grow her following. In this video, she came up with Spring haul, and the video got over 14K engagements.

The strategy helped her increase TikTok followers with every Fashion haul post.


4. Harness The Power Of Viral Audio

One of the most captivating ways to bring in more audience is by pairing your videos with the trending sounds on TikTok. Not only does this increase your chances of bringing in more followers via views, but it could also become a source of inspiration!

Because people hear these audios all day, they might want to take a chance on your video as well, which will bring them to your profile.

Rebexxa Xko (900+ TikTok followers) leverages trending hashtags while posting videos on TikTok. For example, in this video she uses #123PandoraMe.

Using trending hashtags or trending audio is a great way of getting more engagements on your TikTok videos.


5. Fabricate Your Own Lookbook

If you have already done various styling trends and techniques, you can highlight them now by creating your very own virtual lookbook! For example, if you have made 2 or 3 70s themed outfit ideas, you could compile them together to create a retro look book.

Creating a lookbook will help organize your profile, but it will help show your audience different dressing styles that they can try out!

Pro Tip: Consider using a theme throughout the lookbook. For example, you could compile vintage outfits together and move towards the trends of the century for a cleaner transition.

Cam Stylez(290K TikTok followers), has put together a lookbook highlighting different looks for this school year. The video

The lookbook is a great way of keeping your users engaged.


If you want to show your viewers different ways to spruce up an old jacket or a pair of worn-out jeans, try out some DIY hacks! Whether you want to flaunt your artistic skills or just want to show your viewers a unique way to style their outfits, it is all about using your sense of creativity.

DIY hacks can include bedazzling a boring jacket or even painting your favorite shoes. Either way, make sure to show the whole process, right from the start till the end.

Cam Stylez illustrates different styles for wearing a hoodie. In this DIY video, the content creator shares different looks, all featuring the same maroon hoodie.

Such DIY trends video is a great way of helping your target audience try different outfits in a creative manner.


7. Use The #OOTD And #GRWM

What better way to show off your everyday style than by creating the cutest #OOTD and #GRWM outfits! This may be extremely simple, but there is something incredibly fascinating about watching someone style an outfit right from the beginning till the end.

If you would like to try this, make sure you start with basic clothing like pajamas or sweatpants. Next, add in a transition and switch to a new shot where you add in every item until the look is fully styled.

And don’t forget to add the #OOTD and #GRWM to take it to the FYP!

Yulia Yermak uses the #OOTD on some of her TikTok videos.By using the trendy hashtags, she is able to reach out to TikTok users who follow the trending hashtags, and possibly get more TikTok followers. .


8. Know Your Poses

Whether you decide to style your fantastic outfit ideas or want to show a few DIY tips and tricks, you will need to know your angles and poses to show off your content.

You can do this in both video and image format, but make sure the quality of your creative TikTok video ideas is bold enough to let your personality shine.

Vaishnavi(7 Million TikTok followers), understands the importance of poses when creating content for her TikTok channel. In fact, in this post, she created a full video explaining to her viewers and Tiktok followers how to pose.


Wrapping Up

The number of fashion trends and the best TikTok video ideas as seen on the internet today is endless. However, even with all this, you need to remember always express yourself and develop your own unique sense of style.

If you are new to this, you might be a little fazed by the pressure. In this scenario, make sure to reach out to your friends and have them help you out.

It might sound cliché, but the main rule is to be yourself. Because, at the end of the day, your viewers are trying to get to know who you are and follow your techniques. So, remember to stay true to yourself through it all.

What are your thoughts on these 8 TikTok trends? Are there more ideas you would like to add to this list? Comment below and let us know!

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