The 12 Best Coworking & Shared Office Spaces In Tbilisi, Georgia

The 12 Best Coworking & Shared Office Spaces In Tbilisi, Georgia

Looking for a coworking space or office in Tbilisi?

According to Agenda,. In the second quarter of 2020, Georgian firms employed around 599,500 employees. The majority of people working in the business sector (66.1%) were based in Georgia's capital, Tbilisi, which is considered the country's economic core. According to the statistics office, the majority of workers (41.4%) worked in large enterprises, 36.1%) worked in small firms, and the rest 22.5%) worked in medium-sized businesses.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, small business, freelancer or simply just searching for a creative place to work, Tbilisi has plenty of collaborative office spaces to choose from.

We’ve put together a list of the 12 best-shared workspaces in Tbilisi and provide you with:

  • location
  • hours of operation
  • community space amenities
  • membership & cost breakdown

Here’s the full list:


1. Impact Hub Tbilisi

  • Location: 8 Egnate Ninoshvili St, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Comfortable seating plan, projector, security, tea/coffee, board room, conference room, big event hall

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Hub Week: $38.99/week/month
  • Hub Three: $483.7/3 days/week
  • Hub Unlimited: $115/10 persons/day
  • Hub Fixed: $147/25 persons/day

Impact Hub is a global name in the coworking market. They are known to offer best-in-class services with which the customers and workers can easily fall in love. Impact Hub Tbilisi is also no different. This is the perfect space for meeting, collaborating, producing, learning, networking, creating.

Learn more about Impact Hub Tbilisi ➜, or send them an email.


2. Regus - Tabidze 1 Building

  • Location: Tabidze street 1 2 Giorgi Leonidze Street T'bilisi, 0105, Georgia
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Elevator, parking, conference halls, basic transport links, tea/coffee, security

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Office Space: $300/person/month
  • Common Workspace: $178/person/month
  • Conference Room: $12/hour
  • Virtual Office: $61/month

Regus - Tabidze 1 Building consists of 39 private offices and 2 conference halls that give your business a prestigious new address in Tbilisi. The A-class building presents all the colors and opportunities of the Georgian capital to you. You can also be inspired by the spacious interior with lots of bold artwork of this place. After your work, you can enjoy a variety of shops and restaurants.

Learn more about Regus - Tabidze 1 Building ➜, or send them an email.


3. Space Z

  • Location: Ana Politkovskaya Street 3 block 6 T'bilisi, 0186, Georgia
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Common room, tea/coffee, blanket, terrace, outdoor and indoor workplace, business center, event hall

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Enquire

Space Z is located in a very commonplace from where you can easily access public transport. It gives you the all essential needs and requirements. It also provides you with a good guide on how to work remotely. Freelancers can get a big benefit here. It offers A new platform for people in solitary confinement and quarantine.

Learn more about Space Z ➜, or send them an email.


4. Terminal Khorava

  • Location: 3 Akaki Khorava St, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Personal locker, phone booths, printer/scanner, reception service, cleaning service, game room, wheelchair, security, kitchen

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Coworking space: $135.78/person/month
  • Enquire for rest

A coworking space for those whose aim is success and progress. Terminal Khorava provides a home-like environment for individuals & teams to work comfortably. Engineers and technical workers can work in their own way in a calm environment. There is everything you might need here whether private offices or lounges, relax zone, or gaming options.

Learn more about Terminal Khorava ➜, or send them an email.



  • Location: 42 Vasil Petriashvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Hours: 9am - 10pm
  • Amenities: ** High-speed wifi, free tea/coffee, private meeting rooms, outdoor spaces, couches, and beanbags**

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Hot Desk: $120/month
  • Creator Pass: $17.50/day
  • Voyager: $32/day
  • Weekender Classroom: $15/16 persons/hour
  • Meeting Room: $15/10 persons/hour

At LOKAL, you will surround yourself with productive people who will motivate you & enhance your productivity. An interesting place where you can meet with a lot of internationals from different industries. At LOKAL Tbilisi, you are sure to feel the comfort of working at home while experiencing the benefits of having a community around you.

Learn more about LOKAL ➜, or send them an email.


6. Regus - BCV

  • Location: BCV, 71 Vazha-Pshavela Ave Block 2, Level 2 Tbilisi, 0186, Georgia
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Fitness hall, parking, bike storage, conference hall, basic transport link, dining restaurant

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Office Space: $180/person/month
  • Common Workspace: $112/person/month
  • Virtual Office: $61/month
  • Conference Hall: $12/hour

A workspace that helps startups go for growing new opportunities. Feel productive the moment you enter Regus - BCV, light & airy workspace with its blast of vibrant colors and tasteful modern furniture. Find a suitable space for your work, with a flexible layout, breakout places, and offices of all sizes. After a busy day, unwind at their on-site gym.

Learn more about Regus - BCV ➜, or send them an email.


7. Makers

  • Location: 2 Akaki Tsereteli Ave Gate 23, Tbilisi 0112, Georgia
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: WiFi and LAN, parking, quiet work environment,

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Enquire

Makers is a shared workspace that provides all essentials that you might need for maximum productivity and concentration. You can work here with interesting people coming from various sectors. The conditions that are required for effective work, all are created here. You will not have to learn from your mistakes because our experts will share both successful and negative experiences and help you to manage the processes properly.

Learn more about Makers ➜, or send them an email.


8. Collective

  • Location: G. Kartozia st. 10, Georgia, Tbilisi
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Printer/scanner, projector, self-service, kitchen, tea/coffee, individual lockers, parking lot

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Allocated Space: $111/month
  • Meeting Room: $17.57/hour
  • Meeting Room: $143.77/day

Collective, a new addition to the coworking spaces in the area. The design and architecture of the building are very distinctive. The office spaces have vibrant colors and are well decorated with live plants and beautiful pieces of art.

Learn more about Collective ➜, or send them an email.


9. ANO

  • Location: 4 Sokhumi St, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: ** High-speed wifi, tea/coffee, bar services, saloon services**

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Hot Desk: $5/day
  • Dedicated Desk: $78/month
  • Dedicated Seat: $270/month

The very first coworking space in the area where you can have a hair salon and wine bar too. Here at ANO's coworking space, you can have a cultural exchange with Asian people, which is rare in Georgia. You can focus on your work with a stress-free environment, high-speed internet access, and other necessary things.

Learn more about ANO ➜, or send them an email.


10. Tech Park Georgia

  • Location: Innovation Street # 7 Okrokana, Tbilisi
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: ** High-speed wifi, training centers, parking, security**

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Enquire

The main purpose of Tech Park Georgia is to form an ecosystem that will foster innovation and technology. To achieve that, they plan to scale their infrastructure to develop innovations and technologies, to ensure the formation of strong innovation commercialization mechanisms. They also organize various events and workshops in order to provide capital support and business education to startups and entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Tech Park Georgia ➜, or send them an email.


11. Gate

  • Location: Kote Afkhazi Street, 30, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Hours: 10am - 9pm
  • Amenities: High speed wifi, printer/scanner, projector, lounge, board games

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Dedicated Office: $95.5/person/month
  • Hot Desk: $8/person/day

Gate is located in the business hub and near the historical center. The rooms are almost equipped with the necessary features. The collection of board games for adults and children is very common. Big events can be arranged according to the requirements.

Learn more about Gate ➜, or send them an email.


12. Terminal Towers

  • Location: Chavchavadze str. 37M (Axis Towers Tbilisi, 0165, Georgia
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Printer/scanner, phone booths, cafe, reception, gaming room, cleaning service

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Dedicated Desk: 425 GEL/month
  • Flex Desk: Starts from 30 GEL/day
  • Private Office: Starts from 1250 GEL/month
  • Conference Room: Starts from 60 GEL/hour
  • Meeting Rooms: Starts from 40 GEL/hour
  • Virtual Office: 1200 GEL/year

Terminal Towers provides a contemporary & well-decorated coworking space suitable for individuals, teams, and small to large businesses. The interior is vibrant and the office has an energetic vibe ideal to inspire your productivity. The offices have modern furniture, ample natural lighting, breakout areas, meeting rooms, and a variety of physical and virtual coworking options to suit your need.

Learn more about Terminal Towers ➜, or send them an email.


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