How Much Will E-Commerce Product Reviews Apps Cost You?

Updated: October 8th, 2022

On average, e-commerce product reviews software and apps cost between $100 to $500 per year.

Why pay for a product reviews app?

An e-commerce reviews software comes in handy to facilitate collection and response to buyer feedback after purchasing products.

Product reviews apps have many different features. For example, some of these programs will manage and moderate online reviews, while others allow small businesses to host customer feedback on e-commerce sites.

Some of the factors that influence e-commerce review software cost include:

  • Number of brands that an e-commerce site is dealing with
  • The scale of features required
  • Number of locations of retail stores
  • The capacity to review email invitations the e-commerce site sends monthly

E-commerce Product Reviews Cost

On average, e-commerce reviews software cost ranges from $100 to $500 yearly. However, this price range varies when different factors are considered. Additionally, the subscription term also determines the price of the program.

For instance, some products have monthly subscriptions while others opt for annual subscriptions. You are, however, obliged to request pricing information when looking for suitable e-commerce reviews software to use for your small business. Nonetheless, most vendors avail this information to interested customers without any persuasion.

Top 10 Product Reviews Apps

# Tool Cost per Month Free Trial? Free Version?
1 Loox $9.99 14 days No
2 Ali Reviews $9.90 14 days No
3 – Photo Reviews $9 14 days Yes
4 Yotpo $19 N/A Yes
5 $19 N/A Yes
6 $15 N/A Yes
7 Rivyo $5.99 N/A Yes
8 Photo Reviews & Testimonials $9.99 N/A Yes
9 Opinew $9 N/A Yes
10 Growave $29.99 N/A Yes

Tips to Consider When Buying an E-commerce Reviews Software Size of your E-commerce Site

1. Think About the size of your online store

To pick the best product when looking for a suitable e-commerce reviews program, you should think about the size of your online store. Some of the products on the market are designed to handle review invitations of thousands of customers.

Others are suitable for a store that sends few hundreds of reviews invitations. Therefore, consider the store size to ensure that you invest in an appropriate product for small businesses.

2. Consider all the features

It is important to consider the features and functions of the e-commerce reviews software that you want to invest in. this makes sure that you purchase a program that will address your specific need to avoid wasting money.

For instance, some products only have the capacity to offer a solution to managing online reviews. Others come with review management features alongside cross-channel review engagement as well as content curation functions.

Terms and Conditions of the Vendor

Vendors operate differently, which is why you should be keen to make sure that you agree with the terms and conditions of the vendor before purchasing a product.

For instance, there are those vendors that will own the reviews collected by the software. Other vendors facilitate reviews collection without necessarily claiming ownership of the review content.

Ideally, small business owners can also come across vendors who believe in publishing only authentic customers by taking additional precautions through the verification process.

Advantages of Investing In The Right E-commerce Reviews Software

There are numerous benefits of getting a program that will collect customer feedback for small businesses. Below are some of the capacities that your e-commerce site will get when you invest in any of the e-commerce reviews software available.

  • Gather both customer reviews and ratings
  • Enhance conversion rate by displaying valuable user-generated content
  • Manage the reputation of small businesses by evaluating and responding to customer reviews and ratings
  • Boost e-commerce site ranking by accumulating organic traffic
  • Collect customer experience, which allows improvement of products and services