Samantha Khater

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Samantha Khater is an American entrepreneur. Samantha started Dessert Boxes in 2017 and is based in Sydney, Australia.[1]

Samantha Khater,  of Dessert BoxesSamantha Khater, of Dessert Boxes


Dessert Boxes


Sydney, Australia


Early Career

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Dessert Boxes

Samantha started Dessert Boxes in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Dessert Boxes?

Dessert was born out of our frustration of having to send and receive boring gifts which would end up being thrown away, dying, never used, and at best, re-gifted.

So, a week before Valentine's Day last year, we launched a Nutella themed Dessert Box! We collaborated with the biggest dessert makers in the industry, and within five days, we sold over 400 boxes! We searched for the best products on Instagram and did Google searches to find Nutella themed products.

This was our first ever Dessert Box:

image 0

We sold all the boxes through social media, utilising influencer marketing and facebook advertising.

We contacted influencers on Instagram, asking them whether they’d like to be the first people to receive a Dessert Box in Sydney in exchange for a post on their page. As an avid Instagram user for personal use, I would see this on Instagram all the time so decided to try it for our business and it worked!

When we first started out, we didn't have much knowledge in Facebook advertising, so I would watch youtube demonstrations and learnt how to target people in Sydney who were in a relationship and potentially looking for a gift for Valentines Day

Collaborating with other Dessert markers allowed us to leverage their following and promote to a wider audience.

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