Danny Postma

Danny Postma

Danny Postma is a Dutch entrepreneur. Danny started ConvertWell in 2020 and is based in Roden. (source)

Danny Postma,  of ConvertWellDanny Postma, of ConvertWell




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Danny started ConvertWell in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: (source)

Q: How did you get started on ConvertWell?

My story starts in 2015 (I was 21 back then) when I launched Landingfolio, a design gallery featuring the best landing page designs on the web. I worked as a freelance Conversion Optimization Specialist and couldn't find any good inspiration when designing landing pages for clients. This set me to create my very first personal side project.

Build something you would use yourself. If no one buys it, it's still of value to you. Also, you are the best customer and know exactly what you want.

Landingfolio quickly grew to one of the biggest inspiration websites targeting landing pages and gets around 1000 visitors per day. Inspiration websites are super hard to monetize as designers mostly come for inspiration and leave again. I've run the website for 4 years without doing much about earning money with it and mostly focussed on client work.

That is, until one year ago. I started living as a digital nomad, traveling around the world, and met loads of creative people with successful online SaaS businesses. These people inspired me a lot and I saw what I could make of Landingfolio if I would just know how to program.

So I made a tough decision. Cut down my client work to only two days a week and focus the rest of the four days (one day off) learning to program. Cue in a journey of eight months full time learning to program. I cannot learn by doing courses, so I decided to rebuild Landingfolio while learning.

In May 2020 I put the new website live and slowly sales started to come in. Landingfolio currently sits on around $300 MMR. Not a great success, but the ability to earn money online awoken a flame inside of me.

I used all the learnings from Landingfolio to create my second product, Inspireframe, which was released in June 2020. Inspireframe did even better with $2000 sales in the first week and bringing my total MMR to around $600 a month.

I tested a lot of strategies in this launch, documented them all for later use, and used them all for my latest and most successful product launch ever.

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